Mahabaleshwar: The City And Temples!

Every second building in Mahabaleshwar is a hotel, well almost, and the entire population at a point of time consists of only tourists barring the local shopkeepers, tour agencies, tourist bus and car drivers and of course hotel owners and staff. 

The city is crisscrossed with hilly and narrow roads and lanes—in the market area these are mostly clogged as it is very difficult almost in every road for two vehicles to cross and near empty and serene in the quieter areas. Apart from the tourist cars you find geared up horses too for taking  joy rides. 

After a hectic day of sight seeing the tourists throng to the colorful market in the evenings. The local products that particularly attract them are strawberry delicacies, honey and wooden articles of immense artistry. Foreign tourists are not seen as frequently as compared to other Indian tourist destinations. Lack of a direct flight here could be a possible reason. But thanks to the new highway it takes only five hours from Mumbai in buses or cars and the ride is really exhilarating. 

Mahabaleshwar Temple
There are also temples for the religiously inclined. As we will see later Mahabaleshwar has a rich history of strategic rulers, battles and monuments apart from the tremendous natural beauty that we have already tasted and will do so continuously in this series. The main temple is also called Mahabaleshwar where tourists go for an offering to Lord Shiva. There are several other temples worth a visit in and around Mahabaleshwar. 

Panch Ganga Temple (Click for more info)

  The  city resonates with activities and positive vibes all around all the time. Enjoy your trip! (More To Follow!)