She dies. After 12 painful days of the most advanced medical treatment, care and attention. In New Delhi and then in Singapore. After the whole of India prayed for Her. After the Young India Movement For Change took up Her cause in thousands and thousands pouring onto the streets. After the most powerful dignitaries of the country wanted Her to live. After She wanted to live. Imagine the extent of damage caused to Her frail body by the fiends who are still alive in jail and are looking to get ‘justice’ from the courts over days, months and years to come. Is it just enough to say enough is enough?

She dies. She was a normal girl wanting to live a normal life. But in a country where depraved, sick and malignant males abound in She was born with the fatal disease of existing inside Her female body. Because in a country where people look up to mother Goddesses for blessings you cannot afford to have a female body and move around with it. These vultures are very different from Nature’s. These vultures attack, prey in, suck and feed on even alive bodies. For these the only requirements are that the bodies must be feminine, weak and defenseless.

She dies. Like so many other girls cursed to be born in female bodies in this lustful country. Like the Punjab girl who was gang raped, harassed by the rapists and the police in unison despite complaints lodged and diabolically driven to suicide. Like so many faceless females bodies littering the merciless country’s streets and so-called homes. The patriarchal horrors of the Indian society have just crossed the limits of tolerance.

She dies. The cries and the tributes are raging, pouring in this moment. The President, the Prime Minister and almost all in power and position have expressed their sorrow and paid rich tributes to the Braveheart. They all appealed for calm; because they all know that the continuing protests have just got ignited. As expected, the male dominated police forces reacted only by blocking roads to VIP areas of the national capital. Most reactions in this country are prompted by ‘maleness’ like the son of the President of India who described female protestors as ‘pretty pretty dented and painted women’. The patriarchal chauvinistic mindset has been allowed to live on more than enough.

She dies. Young India has been angry and seething over the last few days. Now it reaches the boiling point. This tremendous angst and anger must not unleash into mindless violence. This nation wide outrage must be converted into boundless energy and that energy must be directed towards shaking and demolishing the pillars of the Indian patriarchy. Women must be restored to positions of respect. Safety must be ensured for them.  The male vultures must be eradicated.

Awaken…India…awaken. Young India is leading you…Now For Change!