We Want Justice: The Young India Movement For Change And After..!

What happened in New Delhi on last Saturday and Sunday was perhaps unexpected for most of us, particularly for the Delhi authorities and the police. What happened in New Delhi on Saturday and Sunday was unprecedented for sure for the national capital. And therefore, the situation led to more debates about several other aspects and these are still raging. But the crucial debate following the brutal gangrape of a 23 year old girl in Delhi remains and is getting stronger day by day. “We Want Justice!” “Safety For Women Must Be Ensured!” 

Thousands of young students, boys and girls, descended on the most protected areas of Delhi right from the Saturday morning. Taken aback by the size and the unexpectedness, the police resorted to water cannons, tear gas shells and lathi charge giving rise to the debate if the police failed to handle a peaceful demonstration properly. There was violence in terms of stone pelting from the students leading to another debate if anti-social or political opportunist elements infiltrated the movement. Compelled by the size and the unexpectedness the Government of India announced measures that very day by evening. Proposed steps included making the rape laws stringent and paving the way for death penalty in rarest of rare cases, setting up of a judicial commission on women safety, suspension of several Delhi police officers for neglect of duty and others. But young India wanted immediate justice—severe punishment for the rapists and complete post trauma care for the victim.

The authorities and the police promulgated Section 144 to stop congregations, closed down several metro railway stations and blocked many roads leading to the VIP areas. But the Young India Movement defied everything and on Sunday thousands descended on the India Gate premises. As the upsurge tried to cross and break every barricade the police again resorted to stronger tactics. Violence of various forms broke out with injuries sustained on both sides. One police constable, Subhas Tomar, got severely injured due to alleged beating by youths and succumbed to his injuries today. The other debates got all the stronger.

Young India maintained that the peaceful nature of their Movement For Change and cried about police atrocities on innocent kids and even pregnant ladies. The police maintained its facts about the alleged infiltration and that the situation forced it to resort to strong measures. Several stock political opportunists and leaders took advantage of the mass upsurge to make mileage out of it and the death of the police constable and subsequent arrests made the situation delicate.

The main opposition political parties showed less concern for the issue and more for having another opportunity to pressurize and corner the Government leading to another debate if politicization of the issue would further slow down the process of justice for women. The Prime Minister of India addressed the nation yesterday appealing to all for maintaining calm, but the opposition parties still found it insufficient reiterating the demand for a special session of Parliament and all party meetings. Fortunately the 23 year old girl is better today, though still critical.

The thousands on the streets are getting thinner on Monday and today in Delhi and other parts of India no doubt, but the basic debate rages on. Young India has brought out everything in the open demolishing the secrecy, the privacy and the taboos. They have left no option for the nation but to feel shamed, shamed and shamed. Thanks to the efforts of the kids, the whole of India where Goddesses have been worshiped since times immemorial has now been arguing, thinking, interacting and debating about safety for women and prevention of atrocities against women. 

 The Young India Movement has indeed been guiding the nation surely and steadily For Change. A Change that our society needs desperately, and immediately.