Hyderabad Twin Blasts: The Terror Comes Back!

Just when the politics of terror seemed to have subsided allowing the Budget Session of the Indian Parliament that started on February 21 2012 with the President of India addressing the joint session maybe to work a little better than usual,  the terror struck back in full ferocity, venom and revenge. Two massive blasts ripped apart a prime market locality of Hyderabad, a major city of Southern India, around 7 pm yesterday. The victims caught unawares could hardly recover from shock and trauma of the first blast when another high-intensity bomb went off just 100 meters away. Fortunately a third bomb discovered in the same locality was defused in time. In a kind of a vicious circle of terror the city of Hyderabad got hit in 2002, 2007 and now 2013.

The real face of the terror got exposed one more time. It did not discriminate while ripping apart the innocent victims—killing 14 and maiming over 120 so far. The Home Minister of India, Sushil Kumar Shinde, whose comment was utilized by various forces to communalize terror recently got into the action mode immediately briefing media and visiting the affected area this morning. The Prime Minister condemned the cowardly act and announced compensation packages for the dead and injured.

It was easy for the media and all opposition political parties to blame the government because there were intelligence inputs about possible strikes, particularly after two key terrorists had been hanged over the last three months. But what government as there were many governments in the union of India hopelessly divided on jurisdiction of power and political affiliations? Who knows at what level of ‘divisions’ the alerts were either ignored or not acted upon properly? Yes, Indians are soft targets for terror attacks over the decades, but this is basically due more to a divided India rather than to intelligence failures or lack of competent action. India have been divided always on vote bank lines; on religion or ethnic or culture or language or caste links; on rich-poor discrimination; on bureaucratic class hierarchy; on military or police rank/position systems; on man-woman matters and on what not.

On the second day of the Budget Session today, all the members of the Indian Parliament stood up to observe two-minute silence in memory of the Hyderabad Bomb Blast victims and they looked to be really united. But, the moment the two minutes ended the opposition members raised a din demanding answers for the tragedy leading to an adjournment of both the houses despite the immensity of the tragedy and despite the fact that the Home Minister was scheduled to make a statement on the floor at 2 pm today.

It was in July 2011 when the terror last struck Mumbai and it was September the same year when it struck the national capital Delhi. Routine measures like declaring High Alerts do follow after every attack. But basically a divided India is making it easy for the terror to come back again and again, and strike at will.

Get united completely and cohesively, and eliminate terror. Stay divided, and get destroyed by terror. The choice is ours.


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