India: Facing The Music!

India had been known as a great country with great traditions of great music. Since time immemorial music has always struck a chord in most of the hearts. Never before in history India had been made to face the music like it is being forced to do now!  You cannot be sure if Indian music has lost the traditions or the traditions deserted Indian music or we have lost the traditions or music or both!

Some people did not like one particular music band because all of the musicians there were girls and they forced the girls to call quits from music ushering in a crescendo of hurtful cacophony.

Some people did not like a particular movie and they forced the producer-director to impose cuts even after the film was officially certified for viewing ushering in a harmful web of politics.

Someone did not like the still existing harmony in the Indian society and tried to break it up forever ushering in a downpour of hatred and winning away all the intended supporters to his side. His counterpart, equally hateful of harmony, did the same thing his way ushering in an out-pour of hatred and winning away all who opposed the other one.

Someone talked of a flourishing and a modern developed country of the 21st century trying to win young India over to him while someone belonging to the same group took the country back several centuries by reliving the hate filled memory of the distant past trying to win away all regressive souls to his side.

A momentously huge and historical religious congregation seamlessly gets transformed into a hysterical political pilgrimage of manipulations, mud-slinging, opportunism and divisiveness.

Everybody seems hell-bent on spreading negativity as lethally as possible throughout the country.  Nobody seems to be interested in doing the positive and the right thing at the right time. All want to score their victories on ruins. All seemingly positive efforts are getting drowned in this hailstorm of negativity. India whines.

Is this all because of 2014, the great Indian year of the General Elections coming closer? How close will be close enough for total destruction for the country and resounding victories for hate mongers? Well, ours not reason why, ours but to go facing the music!


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