Beaten Cop Gets Suspended, Suspended MLAs Get Bail!

It is precisely because of the unique title that this post is getting written. True, you can hope to find anything possible under the sun in India, but such titles only in a while. We have told you earlier about the increasing conflict between the politicians and policemen of this country. There we had mentioned the unprecedented nature of the incident—a cop getting beaten up inside the august institution of the Maharashtra Assembly by a group of elected representatives belonging to various political parties. Following the national outrage over the issue the constitutional body suspended five Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) and over the next few days the Budget Session has been continuously disrupted. Infuriated by the suspension the MLAs have been demanding that the beaten up cop be suspended from service too for his alleged misbehavior with one of the accused MLAs on a case of over speeding. 

Maybe greatly concerned over the loss of working days the state Home Minister RR Patil today announced the decision to suspend the beaten up police sub-inspector. The Minister justified his decision by stating that he had reportedly examined a CD of the verbal duel between the MLA and the cop during that incident of over speeding, and reportedly found that the cop had indeed crossed his limits of decency. But of course, the Minister assured that there will be committees to probe into the incident and the policeman will continue to be under suspension till the inquiry is over. And by the way, the unprecedented cop-bashing is not to be forgotten as the Minister announced more committees to probe that too. 

Meanwhile, the two suspended MLAs were arrested after they surrendered to the Crime Branch of Mumbai Police and were remanded to judicial custody. Their bail plea was to be heard on Monday. Today, a local Mumbai court released them on bail with some conditions. Now, it seems that the next priority for the elected representatives would be to get the suspension order of five MLAs revoked. Till then, the pandemonium is likely to continue. To make matters worse, the Maharashtra Assembly this time is not only miffed with the policemen but also with the media. A kind of a mutually agreed boycott of the media has been going on for the last few days mainly due to a ‘sensational’ presentation of the cop-bashing incident by a news channel. Reporters of various other ‘responsible’ channels are honestly covering the proceedings everyday, but they are also deprived of bytes or interviews by the representatives of all political parties including the ruling combine. Call the shots as you always do, O’…politicians!


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