Politics: Women Safety Vs Cop Safety!

In the revolutionary follow-up to the horrific Delhi gangrape women safety has been dominating the think-tank of the nation with brainstorming, measures, judiciary commissions, ordinances and laws-in-making coming up in quick time thanks to the concern finally shown even by politicians towards this societal issue. The police have come up as the immediate authority who could practically contribute immensely towards this cause with interactive or proactive or cooperative efforts. But as a total jerk and a terrible contrast the safety of the police itself has suddenly confronted this clueless nation called India or rather the largest democracy of the world.

Recently a cop had been killed in broad daylight in a town of the famously feudal Uttar Pradesh—beaten up badly first and then shot. A notorious politician, currently a minister in the state government led by a most ‘promising’ young educated Chief Minister, had been implicated in the murder. A FIR had been filed against him, but no arrest till date. This is only to show how indispensable that minister or political leader is to any political party in power thanks to his ‘proven’ powers and ‘muscular’ politics. Suddenly then, the national outrage in media circles turned to ‘how safe are cops in India’! Pray, what about women safety?

Cut to the financial capital, cinema capital, richest capital and spirited capital of India, Mumbai. The Budget session of the Legislature of Maharashtra had been going on since March 11, 2013 in Mumbai and it was yesterday on the eve of presenting the state Budget that cop safety issue had taken another atrocious turn. An inspector of Mumbai Police was asked to attend the Legislative Assembly session yesterday, because a breach of privilege notice against him was going to be discussed. The inspector allegedly misbehaved with a Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA­) when the latter was stopped for over speeding on a sea-link bridge—a must sightseeing for tourists in Mumbai. While the discussion was going on a group of MLAs suddenly marched towards the visitors’ gallery and beat up the inspector unawares. The MLAs belonged to various rival political parties meaning they could always unite for ‘just’ reasons!  The poor cop had to be taken to a hospital later. This unprecedented incident in an august constitutional body outraged the nation again and brought the focus fully on cop safety. Normally, citizens complain against the highhandedness of policemen and condemn their proximity to politicians. In fact, Delhi police was severely criticized for its inept handling of crimes against women in the aftermath of the Delhi gangrape. Now, the equation has been changed irrevocably. Pray, what about women safety?

Incidentally, the anti-rape Bill got passed by Lok Sabha—the lower house of the Indian Parliament—last evening as planned and now it has to be passed by the upper house to make it a law, preferably by 22nd March when the Parliament goes into recess a month and the Ordinance on anti-rape lapses on 4th April. Ironically, attendance was visibly poor in Lok Sabha, maybe because while no political party member could afford to oppose the much-needed law their ‘maleness’ did not allow them to do it in public! The only bone of contention got resolved nicely—the age for consensual sex remains at 18.

Meanwhile, the coalition government plunged into a crisis following the withdrawal of support by a key and an outstandingly unreliable ally on the fateful day of 19th March, 2013. Five ministers of that party resigned today. Their demands over the conditions of Tamils of Sri Lanka wanted the Government of India to officially interfere in the internal matters or the sovereignty of Sri Lanka—the kind that Pakistan has been used to doing to India. But the pangs of survival are unfortunately making the government find ways of succumbing to it respectfully. Saner minds of the country want mid-term elections rather than going on with survival and blackmail politics. The situation is pathetic as from now on the coalition government will have to cater to the likes of two most lethally feudal forces of Uttar Pradesh—Mayawati and Mulayam for utter survival.

Pray, what about women safety? Who will ensure safety for whom? Answer is INDIA!


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