IPL Finals: N Srinivasan Vs BCCI, CSK Vs MI!

The corrupt in India tends to demonstrate a sickeningly familiar behavioral pattern. Even after being caught red-handed they never want to let go of their gold mines out of which they want to continue making the easiest of money. Whatever the magnitude of corruption crime and whatever the pressure mounted on them they continue to propagate their magnanimous innocence. From politics to all other fields including sports prominently this behavioral pattern is evident. You can find ample proofs of this if you care to peruse and find the pages of this site. For such people there should always be one option—sack them as soon as possible, and better put them in jail.

N Srinivasan, the hopelessly implicated President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), arrived yesterday in Mumbai on the way to Kolkata to watch one of the IPL finals being played tonight. In a brief encounter with the media he announced that he did no wrong and would not be bulldozed into quitting. He also made the ridiculous comment that the BCCI was following the rules strictly. In a brazen display of clout he even challenged any other member of BCCI to get elected to replace him as President. Today in Kolkata, N Srinivasan reiterated his resolve not to resign saying that nobody has asked him to do so, that there is no dissent within the BCCI and that only the media and other 'vested' interests have to be blamed for raking up all this muck against him. Well, as per BCCI-IPL contract rules if an official or a member of any franchise brings disrepute the contract of that particular franchise should be terminated immediately. And, the BCCI President or any other member must take morale responsibility for anything done by him/her or by his/her kin.

N Srinivasan continues to be defiant refusing to resign despite his CSK-CEO son-in-law put in jail for his involvement in betting and possibly match fixing too. His BCCI just suspends Gurunath Meiyappan and dissociates from him. Therefore, breaking their own rules he continues to be President and is set to present the IPL Trophy to the winner of the tournament—possibly his own dubious franchise. And, CSK is set to play Mumbai Indians (MI) in the other final tonight instead of getting terminated from IPL.

Nobody including the media and BCCI officials gave him any chance of continuance on Friday midnight after his son-in-law was arrested in Mumbai in the raging IPL Spot Fixing Scandal. From that time the first IPL final is being played between N Srinivasan and right-minded BCCI officials who never want a tainted President bring disrepute to IPL by presenting the winner trophy. In Kolkata the first final is raging with many officials and politicians trying to convince him to call it a day. But to no avail. There is a possibility of BCCI working committee sacking him if three-fourth of the members votes against him. However, with his clout still not gone garnering support of three-fourth is going to be very touch.

Therefore, as things as of now stand, the IPL is deservedly going to be a proven fraud cricket tournament with a fraud President presenting a fixed Trophy to a fraud winner. Meanwhile, Union Law Minister Kapil Sibal reiterated his resolve to draft an anti-fixing law to prevent disappointed to the millions of fans in any sports activity. But pray, why doesn’t the Government of India step in and sack the corrupt Chief! There must be some way of doing this despite the autonomy or dichotomy or whatever.

Police custody of Gurunath Meiyappan was extended to 29th of May by a court in Mumbai last evening. Mumbai Police has been interrogating Gurunath and Vindoo face to face for the second day today. A court in Delhi today extended the police custody of Sreesanth for two more days and agreed to hear his bail plea on 28th May. Ajit Chandila and two bookies have been remanded to police custody till May 28. The third cheat Ankit Chavan and three more bookies have sent to judicial custody till June 4. Delhi Police has been going through the CCTV footage on Sreesanth and bookies. 


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