IPL Spot Fixing Scandal: HE Is India!

His company, His son-in-law, His franchise, His IPL, His BCCI, His Indian cricket, His India cricket captain, His millions, and HIS India! He is the accused, He is the judge. He appoints his old loyally royally gagged warhorses to probe Himself. His Board includes ministers of the Government of India, His Board includes top politicians of various political parties some of whom are prospective Prime Ministerial candidates and His Board includes more equally moneyed honchos, but they say nothing, comment nothing and do nothing—blissful silence being their golden rule set by Him. He decided to present the IPL-6 Trophy to the winner and He did just that. That He could not give it to Himself or His franchise was a matter only He might have had an answer to. In totality, He is the perfect dictatorial candidate for the all-powerful President to rescue India from the clutch of a miserably spineless democracy.

His officials work as the perfect sycophants to censor the media as we have today helplessly witnessed those brushing aside media questions about the IPL Spot Fixing Scandal that overshadows Indian cricket at the moment  with a confident ‘next question please’. And, the arguably the most aggressive Indian captain MS Dhoni—the hero of millions of Indians—did nothing remotely near to ‘heroic’. With a benign expression very close to being a smile Dhoni ignored his millions of fans and allowed those sycophants gag him totally and decisively. Like so many of his cricket colleagues—present, former and even legends. His control is definitive and final.

He has bought the whole of India with His billions gagging, muting and deafening all individual voices. He allows nobody to rise above His money doled out to them abundantly. He has India at His mercy. Because HE is India. You can give Him any name, any form and any shape, because essentially He is the same. He has only one true companion always coming up to help Him, never leaving Him in times of distress. Corruption! Yes Corruption, thy name is India too!  

Banter apart, the police custody of Vindoo Dara Singh along with three more bookies was extended by three more days by a Mumbai court today. Mumbai Police is now examining a new exciting triangle— Vindoo, Gurunath and Vikram Aggarwal, a third connection of a hotelier pulled up in Chennai. A Delhi court today rejected the bail plea of Sreesanth, but gave him judicial custody till 4th of June along with Chandila. Ankeet Chavan’s bail plea on the basis of his marriage was also rejected and he too was put in judicial custody till 4th June. Gurunath Meiyappan custody will come up again tomorrow in a Mumbai court.

Now the all important question is when the Police would find enough evidence to file the charge sheets. Although there is no law at the moment recognizing match fixing or betting as an offense, several sections of the Indian Penal Code dealing with cheating and fraud could be applied.


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