Politics Of Corruption: Chaos, Scams And Gates Galore!

The Indian ruling coalition, UPA-2, never faced a bigger crisis than this. Already embroiled in various scams the last few days witnessed explosions of opposition ire and an increasing threat to the very existence of the government with the prospects of General Elections-2014 getting really fluid and volatile. The opposition political parties, prominently the BJP, demand immediate resignations of two indicted central ministers linking this to the ultimate and outstandingly maintained demand for the resignation of the Indian Prime Minister. They have been stalling the proceedings of the Indian Parliament session continuously making this 15th Parliament the lowest productive ever in terms of passing crucial bills.

The cornered Government has been trying desperately to buy time since it understands that even after sacking the two ministers the opposition would hardly stop and go vigorously after the Prime Minister—the ultimate target. The Government has also been trying to turn attention to passing Bills meant for the common people like the Food Security Bill and for this top leaders have been negotiating with the opposition to allow Parliament to function till the budget session ends on 10th of May, 2013. But the BJP having relishing field days in opposition politics says nothing doing—first resignations, then Bills.

We have always been familiar with two Gates—the India Gate in Delhi and the Gateway of India in Mumbai, both being historical monuments and heritage sites. Of course, in the eighties we heard about the Bofors Gate that rattled up India for more than twenty years and proved India’s corruption capability to the world in terms of reach and volume. However, in the last two years the ‘Gates’ have multiplied banishing 'heritage' out of the window and some of them have even made Bofors look like child-play.  The Coalgate, the Railgate, the Adarsh Gate, the Chitgate and more of the like if you qualify the 2G Spectrum Scam and the Commonwealth Games Scam as Gates.

The situation is as chaotic as dangerous. You wonder, if some government officers afford to pay millions of bucks as just bribes how much s/he must be actually earning out of salaries with corruption. As corruption refuses to leave the Indian roots you tend hopelessly to lose faith in getting a job on pure merit and getting a posting as per your efficiency. If top government posts are up for outright sale what about the other jobs in others sectors of public domain? If someone buys a job for a handsome amount of cash his/her immediate urge would to be to recover that money by hook or by crook in quick time and thus fitting naturally into the vicious circle of corruption.

Talking of elections, the voters have just one option—reject the most corrupt party and vote for the less corrupt one. So sorry to say that. Hope India would finally prove us wrong. Somehow!


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