Benefits of Being a Certified IT Professional

No matter what you want to be, you know that there will be training involved. But when you decide to pursue a career as an IT professional you may not realize that getting a Bachelors degree is not enough to secure the top-paying positions in the field, nor is being the most tech-savvy candidate. If your dream is to drive decisions in a top-tier IT position, you’ll need something else: certifications. Depending on the type of career you want to pursue in IT, you should consider the following certifications to boost your skills, confidence, knowledge and resume:

·         App certifications for devices like Blackberry, Android, and Apple products. Those IT professionals who can build and deploy on multiple platforms will gain an advantage.
·         Security certificates. Companies that deal with sensitive information require professionals who can keep their information safe, quickly detect information breaches and even more quickly fix them.
·         Database certifications. Most IT professionals encounter databases on a daily basis and it is helpful to be certified in the database you’ll be working on.
·         Standard and special certifications like Cisco, Alcatel, and CompTIA are required for consideration to many IT positions.

Remember, in the IT profession, knowing many things well will help you get the job of your dreams. When you have been able to get your dream job then you will feel great and be able to hold your head in the clouds!

                           (We thank Leena Lee for contributing this article to Our Funarena.)


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