Mumbai: Monsoon Prepares For Rain Launch!

This very look of the skies never fails to thrill you; makes you ecstatic. Particularly when you have been sweating out a month-long spell of humid energy-sapping heat with the air stilled and tree leaves forgetting how to sway. The full month of May this year has been one of unbearably persistent heat for Mumbaikars. This was not the case in the last two or so years when temperatures varied frequently with windy conditions keeping company consistently. No doubt, Mumbaikars collectively have a sigh of great relief. 

Today afternoon, clouds started to gather in the Mumbai skies and got darker towards the evening promising instant rains. A cool breeze continued all along bringing in a drastic change in the conditions. A drizzle started in most parts of the city in the evening and Mumbaikars welcomed it with all warmth and pleasure. That the drizzle failed to turn into a downpour and that traffic congestion always mysteriously or naturally associated with rains began immediately did not disappoint us. Because, we know that the Monsoon mood has just begun.

The spell of a searing dry heat with the mercury rising above 48 degree Celsius burned across the state of Maharashtra already under a raging drought for the month of May. In the last two or three days welcome pre-monsoon showers had brought tremendous relief for the people of different parts of the state, particularly for the distressed farmers.

The South West Monsoon, the mainstay of Indian farming, had already hit the southernmost Indian state of Kerala and is set to reach Maharashtra by 15th of June.

With the monsoon mood created, Mumbai is likely to have light and pre-monsoon showers over the next few days in the run-up to the South West Monsoon Rain launch. Welcome and enjoy the rains coming your way soon!


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