Superfast South West Monsoon Hits Maharashtra!

The South West Monsoon always demonstrates a tinge of unpredictability. When something is in great demand and millions of people wait eagerly for it this kind of behavior is only natural—though most commonly seen in condescending human beings Mother Nature has started this practice of late maybe to put some sense into Her arrogant children or maybe due to the global climatic changes for which Her children are only responsible. Whatever, the South West Monsoon sometimes arrives late, sometimes it arrives early or on time and yet stays put for days in some place maybe to enjoy the local hospitality, sometimes it just keeps on playing hide and seek and sometimes it just gets lost keeping the met office totally in dark about its movements.

Yesterday we were elated over light showers in Mumbai and pre-monsoon showers in other parts of Maharashtra relishing the fact that the South West Monsoon that hit Kerala was just days away from Maharashtra and Mumbai.  The normal date for Mumbai is 10th June and this year it was expected to reach Mumbai by 15th June as it arrived late in Kerala. Even till late last night we or the met office could not anticipate its next move.

All the news headlines suddenly broke today in all local channels of Mumbai that the South West Monsoon had hit Maharashtra. Like a superfast express train! It arrived late in Kerala and yet made up time reaching Goa 2 days in advance and then Maharashtra in double quick time. There were monsoon rains today in different parts of South and Central Maharashtra. This was incredible and personally I myself was trying to confirm and double confirm the news again and again! If it maintains the super speed it is likely to spread to other regions of Maharashtra quickly and arrive in Mumbai even before the traditional date of June 10. Well, all the good reasons to rejoice and enjoy more! Hope the Monsoon is not holding back any crucial link that may impede its further progress! The forecast is already there for a healthy and normal monsoon this year. 


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