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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Delhi Gangrape Conviction: Brutal Juvenile Rapist Gets Away With 3 Years!

In the first conviction of the 16-December horrific Delhi Gangrape case the Juvenile Justice Board today in Delhi announced the verdict awarding a sentence of three years to be served in a reformatory home to the juvenile accused and considered deducting eight months already served by the accused in jail from the three years. Because, the accused was just six months short of 18 years of age on the night of the crime. And, not because he was the most brutal of the six depraved animals, not because he was instrumental in inflicting the most inhuman tortures on the victim leading to her death on 29th December and nearly murdering her male friend too and not because he was the chief instigator of the sub-human herd. He was in fact found guilty in all these except for the attempt to murder of the male friend and this perfectly made this gangrape ‘the rarest of rare’ case where death penalty has been officially recommended by the new Rape Law recently. Besides, the animal did attain maturity age when the trial began. But the ‘minor’ culprit is likely to go scot-free after spending just 28 months in a reformatory.

Huge irony that someone capable of committing the most adult crime possible on earth just manages to get away thanks to the skewed justice system. True, in India child abuse has also been a major problem over the decades, but why not keep a provision in the juvenile justice law for exceptions or rarities to punish the criminals—major or minor. In the recent Mumbai Gangrape case too one of the five depraved animals pleaded for being a ‘minor’ and so far confusion prevails on his actual age. Well, in this Godforsaken country possibly a new avenue for corruption has just opened with equally depraved and greedy animals manufacturing forged ‘minor’ birth certificates for all prospective rapists.

India—where rape laws differ from rapist to rapist. If the rapist happens to be a VVIP or VIP or Politician or Spiritual Guru or anybody with lot of corrupt clout the law would get thwarted even after FIR being lodged and only the victim or survivor of their depravity would be declared ‘mentally unstable’ or ‘of loose character’ or ‘whatever the powerful ones decide’. What to expect from a country with a sinking economy matched marvelously by rotten politics. Here politics rules over economics, caste-religion-language based politics decide who is a terrorist or who is a patriot, vote-bank politics decide who are the citizens in suitably divided chunks so as to help politics win again and again, a country used to frequent national outrages and equally frequent forgetfulness and a country where millions never actually attain maturity. Okay, as responsible citizens we have to respect the Laws. But, what about respecting women or the values of our society? You decide... NOW. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Movie Chennai Express: Vintage Shahrukh In The Biggest Bollywood Grosser!

It is not for nothing that Chennai Express has broken all records in Bollywood history and Rohit Shetty has become the most successful director ever of Indian Cinema. Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express has crossed Rs.202 crore (2020 million rupees) mark beating the four-year-old record set by Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots. Rohit Shetty has already given three Rs.100 crore club movies namely, Singham, Golmaal3 and Bol Bachchan, and this unique feat has never been achieved by any other Indian film director.  Chennai Express in its third week run has achieved this with loving audiences all over and overcoming quite a few bad reviews. The reasons are not far to seek.

You are pleasantly reminded of the Shahrukh Khan of yesteryear when he was superlative in comedy scenes for his immaculate timing, for his sprightful elegance and for his typical gesticulations plus monosyllables. All these qualities of the Bollywood superstar have come back in Chennai Express to regale you yet again and you are indeed grateful to Rohit Shetty, the director of this blockbuster, for presenting King Khan in all his royal comic flavors. You can call Chennai Express a super comedy flick with an underlying serious plot or you can call it a masala humdinger with an uplifting super comedy track. However, with Rohit Shetty around you are much better off with the first option and enjoying the movie unconditionally and without complaints concerning your sense of logic or the logical senselessness about the whole thing.

Maybe Rohit Shetty himself would have been better off keeping a matching lighter plot throughout thus putting some sense into it. From the very beginning of this almost a bilingual Bollywood movie the dead seriousness of the story never leaves you with bulky and sinister characters around adding more scares to it. The main lead Rahul (Shahrukh Khan), a Hindi speaking mithaiwala from Mumbai, hatched a conspiracy to freak out with his friends in Goa over the assignment of immersing the ashes of his grandfather in Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu, but then had to take the designated Chennai Express train from Mumbai and thus getting entangled with Tamil speaking Meenamma, the female lead played by Deepika Padukone. If Rahul was in a double-jeopardy Meenamma was in a far more precarious situation being captured by her Don dad’s goons to get her married by force at hinterland Tamil Nadu. But then, if the plot was not serious enough the ridiculous scenes of language tangles could not have given you the laughs for which you would probably go to the theater again. Contrary to various opinions expressed I would like to state that the bilingual structure of the movie is its most enlivening feature and it is unique in Bollywood more used to dubbing or remaking rather than charting out bold originals.

Therefore, the so-called ‘senselessness’ part of the movie is a foregone allegation. You are treated with giggles, laughs and howls all the way and this is what makes sense—courtesy Rohit Shetty who never forgets his flying cars or chases or the powerful 'lion' punches in any of his films. In this movie too the climax was as formulaic as it was predictable. 

As we have maintained Shahrukh has given a vintage performance and after a couple of rather listless years he has delivered masterstroke tying up with Rohit Shetty to produce this ‘senseless’ wonder. His marketing strategy of taking the Chennai Express  into almost every popular television serials for over a month has worked wonderfully by roping in his admirers thronging households across the country. However, his new-found love for ‘never underestimate the power of the common man’ line has asserted itself a little too often. Deepika Padukone, not so famous for her acting prowess, has given a sterling performance too taking a lot of pains to inculcate the Tamil accent. The chemistry rather the linguistic chemistry between the two is just deliriously funny.

Lose your senses... and enjoy!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mumbai’s Shame! Three Arrested In Photo Journalist Gangrape!

When the national capital along with its northern allies lead the way in torturing, maiming, raping and murdering women of all possible age-groups how could the financial capital be far behind! A city boasting of being safe for women over the years has lost this tag forever as crimes against women, intimidation and murder of liberals and all kinds of mafia related shootouts increase ominously. On a more sinister note this could just be the reflection of what is going all around the country. Like the nosediving value of the Indian rupee all values of the society are plummeting to all-time lows. Greed, lust, corruption, violence, intolerance, chauvinism, perversion etc are becoming the new parameters of modern life. Why? Because, our political parties and leaders need to contest and win the General Elections-2014. Because, to achieve that goal they need to have a hopelessly divided and morally defunct society. Because, they have to impose a new ‘governance’ on us for the same ‘noble’ objectives. Our Warning:  If things are allowed to continue this way till the elections whichever political party finally manages to win will have a ruined country to rule over, plunder over and finish it all over again.

Media took the lead in building a national movement following the horrific Delhi Gangrape. Now in Mumbai the degenerated male animals decided to hit the media itself. A 22-year-old photo journalist was gangraped in the campus of an abandoned textile mill right in the heart of the city on Thursday evening. She was doing a photo shoot there for her magazine along with her male friend.  Five male animals surrounded them in the desolate area. While two of them tied up her friend the other three took turns to abuse, torture and humiliate her with no help coming from anywhere. In fact, Mumbai is littered with such abandoned textile mill campuses where only the main entrance is normally guarded and activities inside are only the occasional film and television serial shoots. Nobody in power seemed to have bothered about these veritable traps. The five animals even walked up the victims to the nearby local railway station and left them there threatening the girl that if she approached police the mobile video would be released in public. The girl was admitted in a city hospital and FIR was registered by midnight.

Outraged journalists, women activists and citizens poured into the streets on Friday organizing protest rallies and marches. Angry sentiments again pierced the whole wounded country. Fortunately, Mumbai Police swung into swift action identifying and releasing sketches of all five accused. Three accused have been arrested till today evening. However, the questions regarding justice remain as disturbing as ever despite the movement that forced the Government of India to initiate new rape laws granting capital punishment in rarest of rare cases of rape-murder.

While we all want strong laws to put fear into the minds or rapists some say awarding capital punishment would egg on prospective rapists to kill the victims in a way to eradicate all possible evidence. Some say there should be instant justice like castration or public parade, but in such cases too the rapist is likely to turn into a vengeful and dangerous killer afterwards. How fast the fast-track courts are going to be is also yet to be seen. Juvenile justice is one more vexing issue. The moot point is that police or laws cannot control greed or lust or perversion, and for that society must change from within. Male humans of the society must take and exercise absolute control of the male animals.

Reports say that the brutalized photo journalist is a braveheart fighting it out spiritedly in hospital and demanding strong punishment to all who ruined her life. We pray for her immediate recovery and expect her to lead the movement from the front.  Ensuring respect and safety for women.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Day After: Maharashtra Government Clears Anti-Superstition Ordinance!

The crusade against superstition, rituals of blind faith and black magic went on for nearly twenty years, but the much awaited law never got passed. The crusader got killed in a brutal and cowardly attack in Pune yesterday, and the day after the Government of Maharashtra finally saw enough reason to clear an anti-superstition Ordinance to eventually replace the Bill that was first introduced in 1995 and even after 29 amendments in the draft failed to see the light of ‘reason’. The total closure in Pune today and spontaneous protests across a shocked and stunned Maharashtra seemed to have forced the government to take the decision. The Maharashtra cabinet today decided unanimously to promulgate the Ordinance for enacting the Maharashtra Eradication of Blind Faith Bill as a law.

If the fraud Babas, the money-rich self-styled godmen, the regressive fundamentalists and the brazen exploiters of religious sentiments heaved a devilish sigh of relief yesterday it is rank bad news for them today. The new measure will empower the government to bring under its ambit social and religious evils, human or animal sacrifices, rituals to drive out evil spirits or ensure a male progeny, witchcraft and wizardry practitioners, often cheating the gullible public.

The mortal remains of Dr. Narendra Dabholkar had been consigned to the flames in his hometown Satara attended by the Maharashtra Chief Minister, Cabinet colleagues, other political leaders and thousands of his followers.

Meanwhile the police have been unable to nab the assassins despite deploying eight special investigating teams on the job. A staunch right-wing group under the scanner today held a press conference to announce that they had absolutely no hand in the killing and that they were equally shocked and stunned by the murder.  
Thanks to the dedicated movement by Narendra Dabholkar Maharashtra becomes the first state in India to enact a law against social evils that have deep roots and powerful vested interests in the society. The next session of the state Legislative Assembly will be in December and it can be safely assumed that the Law would be enacted by then well before the Ordinance lapses—that is six months from now. Let reason, good faith and tolerance prevail in a much divided nation called India.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Anti-Superstition Activist-Writer Shot Dead In Maharashtra. Growing Intolerance?

Narendra Dabholkar
This is exactly why politicians can always exploit religion to divide people and create their vote banks. They know we tend to be dogmatic or intolerant about our religious sentiments, practices and rituals. We are ready to commit even sins to have the first view in temples or any place of worship; we can hardly digest any criticism regarding our beliefs; we take the extreme views as far as our religious practices are concerned. Therefore, superstitious and black magic rituals get mixed with our beliefs. Nobody can convince us of the irrationality inherent in our practices. Result is intolerance and even violence—exactly the way some political parties want us to do.

At 7.30 in the morning today a progressive journalist-writer and social worker, Narendra Dabholkar, was brutally shot dead in Pune, Maharashtra. Narendra Dabholkar was taking a morning walk when two motorcycle borne assassins fired indiscriminately at him and fled leaving him in a pool of blood. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. The brutal act was as shocking as it was stunning for the people of a relatively progressive and literate state, Maharashtra and its literally cultural capital Pune.

Narendra Dabholkar was a rationalist at heart and he spent all his life in fighting superstition and black magic in religious beliefs and against all social evils. He founded an organization, played a key role in several mass movements and wrote several books on the subject. His website tells you of his intense thoughts on the subjects. He clarified many times that he was not at all against religions, but against the associated evils. For years he tried to persuade the Government of Maharashtra to pass an anti-superstition and black magic bill in the legislative assembly and for the last seven sessions the Bill was proposed to be presented, but it did not transpire that way. Just before the monsoon session this year the Chief Minister of Maharashtra promised to get the bill passed, but ultimately it was not even presented. Naturally for India, several religious groups and political parties have been opposing the Bill over the years. With the violent end of this noble crusader the fight against social evils suffers a serious setback and the cloud of intolerance and fascism is far from over as we have debated so many times in these pages.

All political parties of Maharashtra are quick to condemn the mindless killing and the Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan has announced an award of one million rupees to anyone giving clues about the assassins. Investigations are on and sketches of the assassins have been circulated. As per latest reports no suspicion has been cast on any particular group or individuals.

We condemn this cowardly killing and reassert our ‘faith’ and ‘belief’ in a tolerant, rational and understanding India. Let the noble soul of the crusader rest in eternal bliss and his movement continue. Our ardent wish on this Sadbhavana or Goodwill Day today.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Why Should Any Country Envy India?

India bursting at the seams with the ever increasing millions and millions of hapless citizens overcrowding every part of everyday life amenities. You cannot board a bus or travel by a train unless you are a person of robust and strong structure. You cannot find peace in a park or in the sea or river side because your private space is being constantly conquered by your fellow citizens. You cannot afford the comforts or the necessary luxuries unless you have loads of dough with the wealth ever multiplying only for the lucky few. Even food security measures for the poorest of the poor getting criticized for being out of reach for the needy. You hardly ever bother if scores of hapless citizens of overcrowded trains get mowed to death by passing trains or overcrowded buses fall into gorges or overcrowded boats capsize in rivers or natural calamities wash up overcrowded dwellings. 

The Indian rupee continuing to crash against the dollar leading to increasing petroleum product prices almost every fortnight fueling price rise and with bus or taxi or auto-rickshaw unions demanding more and more fares, the inflation thus still uncontrolled, the stock market getting redder, the economy sinking and the hapless citizens getting scared again and again.

And, the political uncertainty looms large with power-crazy politicians trying to get the votes by hook or by crook. The country is polarized and the country is divided on the basis of religion or language or caste or regions. Corruption rules the roost with nobody having enough might or courage to oppose it. The hapless citizens just go around doing the routine like mindless machines never knowing what-for or why or how. They provide unknowingly just the most essential fodder to the political animals to grow upon.

Yes, why should any country envy India?

Yes, except Pakistan of course. Our great neighbor. The anti-Indian forces there are never satisfied even with a sinking India, they want India to be destroyed in all possible way. They fail to understand that a ruined India would not augur well for them too. In the last 9 days Pakistan made 15 ceasefire violations including infiltration attempts in Kargil after 14 years. Like they denied everything they deny this too. Like they disowned Ajmal Kasab they now ridicule the confession of Abdul Karim Tunda—the most significant catch of a most wanted terrorist by Delhi Police. Tunda links up the ISI, all terrorist groups operating from Pakistan and even the underworld don Dawood Ibrahim being sheltered in Pakistan. And they still deny it all as usual, because they want to see India totally ruined.

India must fight back just like their soldiers are doing now against Pakistan infiltrators. Time is running out to stop the D-Day threatening to gulp down India.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

India Vs Pakistan! Resolution Vs Resolution! And Indian Navy Tragedy!

Since times immemorial we have been witnessing, hearing or eavesdropping incorrigibly garrulous and fighting neighbors in villages, towns and cities of our country and across the globe. But no amount of the most sinister kind of unpredictability of neighborly feuds can ever match that of our two great continental neighbors—India and Pakistan. If their cricket feuds are always mouth-watering their political or diplomatic fights are always infuriating, exhausting and agonizing.

Pakistan has committed more than 60 ceasefire violations so far this year, beheaded Indian soldiers in January and just on the 6th of this month killed five Indian soldiers in totally brazen and unprovoked firings across the border. Still, India tried to play a good neighbor by downplaying the incident by attributing it fully to the terrorists. This did, and righteously so, lead to a national outrage with feelings of nationalism to jingoism. India wanted to continue respecting the new democratic government of Pakistan and a new dialogue of Manmohan Singh-Nawaz Sharif scheduled next month. Bowing to building national opinion the Government of India was forced finally to put the blame on Pakistan.

Meantime, Pakistan failed to appreciate the good neighborly gesture and a fresh opportunity for peace talks. As always used to denials, Pakistan never took the blame for the proven unprovoked firings, but to add fuel to fire charged India with unprovoked aggression. Not only that, Pakistan’s National Assembly on 13th August, 2013 passed an anti-India resolution condemning its neighbors for acts it never committed. The ‘democratic’ Prime Minister of Pakistan showed how much pressure was being applied on him by the eternally anti-India Pak Army and the powerful terrorist leaders including Hafiz Saeed prominently.

Naturally, opposition political parties today were not in a mood to spare the Government of India. They wanted action more vociferously now, come what may. The Indian Parliament today also passed an anti-Pakistan resolution sending out a strong warning to its aggressive neighbors. The ‘friendly’ Indian Foreign Minister has today made 26/11 investigations a ‘key’ conditions for future talks with Pakistan. On his address to the nation on the eve of the Independence Day the President of India Pranab Mukherjee too said ‘there is a limit for our patience’. What’s next? Pray!

As if keeping up with the turbulent times being witnessed over the last few days the worst ever tragedy since 1971 struck Indian Navy when at least two major blasts destroyed its prized submarine INS Sindhurakshak in Mumbai’s Naval Dockyard in the wee hours today. Numerous fire tenders fought hard for hours to contain the huge fire even as the Defence Minister flew down to Mumbai to take stock of the situation. A fatal confusion still prevails about the fate of the 18 sailors trapped in the submarine as rescue operation continues. The Indian Navy says it hopes for the best and is ready for the worst.

Then, there are quite a few intelligence alerts about possible terror attack across the country. The situation on the eve of the 67th Independence Day remains fraught with apprehension and tension. Let peace prevail. Happy Independence Day!  

Sunday, August 11, 2013

India: Forget Elections, Concentrate On National Security Now!

Almost every Indian political party hopes to rule one whole nation called India and in the process of doing so through elections leaves the ‘whole’ polarized, divided, seething and disillusioned. The much cherished theme of ‘unity amidst diversity’ has always proved to be a blessing in disguise for all unscrupulous parties or politicians who never stopped exploiting  this by dividing up the ‘diversity’ just to garner votes. Politics of polarization, politics of vote banks, politics based on caste-language-religion-you know what, politics of corruption and even politics of terror have compromised National Security again and again. But the power-obsessed politicians have been totally unmindful of the seriousness of the situation, particularly now with the General Elections-2014 just round the corner. Divisive politics and a perpetually stalemated Parliament have made the country directionless and weak. A weak country is always vulnerable for any kind of attacks or calamities.

Such was the mindless politicking that even a blatantly brazen Pakistan attack violating the Line of Control (L0C) in the Poonch sector of Jammu and Kashmir on August 6, 2013 leaving five Indian soldiers dead failed to move them. Some of them tried openly to dissociate Pakistan from this calling this only a terror attack while knowing fully well that in the present times in Pakistan one cannot draw a line between the Army and the Terrorists. With the new ‘democratic’ Prime Minister Nawaz Sharief launched recently in Pakistan the ruling coalition in India considered this a right opportunity for resuming talks with their neighbor and chase the elusive peace. Right, people of both countries really want peace and harmony established as soon as possible, but that does not give anyone the excuse for glossing over a brazen, unprovoked and utterly condemnable attack. The derisive politics over the attack refuses to die down even now.

This is only logical to presume that the anti-Indian forces of Pakistan in partnership with the terrorists nourished over the years have decided this is the right time to strike lethal blows to an election-obsessed and corruption-ridden India. Starting with the dastardly attack in January this year when Pak troops beheaded Indian soldiers there have been more than fifty LoC violations and the August 6 attack is not the culmination point either with Pak unprovoked firings continuing across the border yesterday and today. We must not call it coincidental that the dreaded terrorist of 26/11 Mumbai attack Hafiz Saeed who is allowed to roam free in Pakistan has accepted this opportunity too and has issued threats of terror attacks to India. Indian intelligence alert was issued two days before about a possible terror strike in the national capital around the Independence Day. The Pak flip-flops over the issue of sheltering the Mumbai underworld Don and the mastermind of the horrific Mumbai Serial Blasts in 1993, Dawood Ibrahim, in Karachi is one more factor to be concerned about.

O’ Politicians of India! Forget elections for the moment and concentrate on National Security that is coming under increasing danger. You must be hoping to win the elections to rule a strong and united India. You ensure that first.

O’ Politicians! First try winning the confidence of your country folks before aiming to get away with their votes. We will vote only for a Strong India.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cricket: India Clean Sweep Zimbabwe 5-0, Complete Hattrick Of Tournament Wins!

First, the ICC Champions Trophy-2013 with Team India remaining unbeaten throughout, second being the Celkon Mobile Cup Triangular Series in West Indies where Team India fought back from the brink of elimination to win the title and now the bilateral five-match ODI Series in Zimbabwe with Team India white washing the hosts 5-0 most emphatically and convincingly and winning the second Celkon Mobile Cup within a month. The latest Indian sweep and the completion of a hattrick assumes some significance considering the fact it was almost a junior Team India that basically and later most effectively tested India’s bench strength. There is not much to write home about the hapless Zimbabwe team with the Indian media mostly discussing the utter lack of cricket funds in that country and the contrast between Indian and Zimbabwean cricketers in terms of money. In the absence of Indian captain MS Dhoni vice-captain Virat Kohli did a commendable job leading from the front and never failing to inspire the young players—particularly the bowlers. Amit Mishra—after almost two months of exile—came back strongly to capture 18 wickets in 5 matches and achieving a six-wicket haul in the last ODI played yesterday. Pervaz Rasool, spinner from the state of Jammu and Kashmir, could have become the first ever cricketer from the state to play for the Indian eleven, but he could not get a chance which attracted political comments. Skipper Kohli defended the decision saying that Rasool did not fit the team’s bowling plans and that he would soon get to play lot of cricket as he figures in India A team visiting South Africa in near future.
Ravindra Jadeja
New updates of the ICC ODI Rankings were announced last evening after the Indian sweep. Team India continues to dominate as the number one ODI team although just one point was gained after the latest triumph. More significantly, flourishing all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja became the number one ODI bowler with 38 wickets from the last 22 matches. He thus becomes the first Indian bowler to have this honor after Anil Kumble in 1996, and the fourth ever Indian bowler to do so.

Team India thoroughly deserves about two months rest after its triumphant return home. Australia is scheduled to visit India for seven one-day matches in October-November. Of course, in between there will be a Champions League T20 Tournament to be played in India in September where some IPL teams would be participating. Take a break from cricket for the moment! 

Friday, August 2, 2013

BCCI In Shackles: N Srinivasan Comeback Bid Fails!

Coming as one more refreshing victory against pervasive Indian corruption the defiantly greedy N Srinivasan failed to come back as the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) President after he had to call off the Working Group meeting in New Delhi today. There had been widespread rumors of a revolt within the BCCI in the last three days following the Bombay High Court stricture against the dubious goings-on in the richest cricket Board of the world. Reports today confirmed that at least 6 BCCI members revolted against Srini, and if he happened to chair the meeting today two vice presidents and at least two members would have resigned. Visuals on a national television news channel even showed how the IPL Commissioner cum a Union Minister Rajiv Shukla brushed aside a Srini greeting in the meeting lounge. The wily fox sensed all this and called off the meeting apparently to avoid an open confrontation.

In a press statement issued last evening N Srinivasan was set to defy even the Judiciary by announcing that he would indeed chair the meeting as President of BCCI who stepped aside recently following the uproar over the IPL Spot Fixing Scandal. Maybe such colossal callousness could not be digested by many though as money-rich and powerful as him. Reports reveal that Srini has no chance of coming back in the near future. The status quo with Jagmohan Dalmiya as the interim president will continue till all issues get resolved. This effectively means that the BCCI would either constitute a new probe panel or wait for the Mumbai Police investigations to get over or would contest the Bombay High Court order in the Supreme Court. This would also open up persisting issues like transparency in the BCCI accounts and bringing the Board under the RTI. Much better that way for BCCI rather losing total credibility.

Victories against corruption must continue. The corrupt ruffians mess up and pollute every organization, every office and the government in India. They hardly want to work hard, but desperately need power so as to intimidate and harass the honest, the upright and the most vulnerable. Even in the elite Indian Administrative Service (IAS) the corruption mafia hounds, hunts and even punishes them on the slightest pretext. We observe as of now the national outrage over the suspension of an honest lady IAS officer, Durga Shakti (remember Goddess Durga?) Nagpal in the feudal den of the country called Uttar Pradesh. The madness must stop before the ‘crime and punishment’ phrase gets replaced by ‘honesty and punishment’. Fight Corruption.
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