BCCI In Shackles: N Srinivasan Comeback Bid Fails!

Coming as one more refreshing victory against pervasive Indian corruption the defiantly greedy N Srinivasan failed to come back as the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) President after he had to call off the Working Group meeting in New Delhi today. There had been widespread rumors of a revolt within the BCCI in the last three days following the Bombay High Court stricture against the dubious goings-on in the richest cricket Board of the world. Reports today confirmed that at least 6 BCCI members revolted against Srini, and if he happened to chair the meeting today two vice presidents and at least two members would have resigned. Visuals on a national television news channel even showed how the IPL Commissioner cum a Union Minister Rajiv Shukla brushed aside a Srini greeting in the meeting lounge. The wily fox sensed all this and called off the meeting apparently to avoid an open confrontation.

In a press statement issued last evening N Srinivasan was set to defy even the Judiciary by announcing that he would indeed chair the meeting as President of BCCI who stepped aside recently following the uproar over the IPL Spot Fixing Scandal. Maybe such colossal callousness could not be digested by many though as money-rich and powerful as him. Reports reveal that Srini has no chance of coming back in the near future. The status quo with Jagmohan Dalmiya as the interim president will continue till all issues get resolved. This effectively means that the BCCI would either constitute a new probe panel or wait for the Mumbai Police investigations to get over or would contest the Bombay High Court order in the Supreme Court. This would also open up persisting issues like transparency in the BCCI accounts and bringing the Board under the RTI. Much better that way for BCCI rather losing total credibility.

Victories against corruption must continue. The corrupt ruffians mess up and pollute every organization, every office and the government in India. They hardly want to work hard, but desperately need power so as to intimidate and harass the honest, the upright and the most vulnerable. Even in the elite Indian Administrative Service (IAS) the corruption mafia hounds, hunts and even punishes them on the slightest pretext. We observe as of now the national outrage over the suspension of an honest lady IAS officer, Durga Shakti (remember Goddess Durga?) Nagpal in the feudal den of the country called Uttar Pradesh. The madness must stop before the ‘crime and punishment’ phrase gets replaced by ‘honesty and punishment’. Fight Corruption.


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