Delhi Gangrape Conviction: Brutal Juvenile Rapist Gets Away With 3 Years!

In the first conviction of the 16-December horrific Delhi Gangrape case the Juvenile Justice Board today in Delhi announced the verdict awarding a sentence of three years to be served in a reformatory home to the juvenile accused and considered deducting eight months already served by the accused in jail from the three years. Because, the accused was just six months short of 18 years of age on the night of the crime. And, not because he was the most brutal of the six depraved animals, not because he was instrumental in inflicting the most inhuman tortures on the victim leading to her death on 29th December and nearly murdering her male friend too and not because he was the chief instigator of the sub-human herd. He was in fact found guilty in all these except for the attempt to murder of the male friend and this perfectly made this gangrape ‘the rarest of rare’ case where death penalty has been officially recommended by the new Rape Law recently. Besides, the animal did attain maturity age when the trial began. But the ‘minor’ culprit is likely to go scot-free after spending just 28 months in a reformatory.

Huge irony that someone capable of committing the most adult crime possible on earth just manages to get away thanks to the skewed justice system. True, in India child abuse has also been a major problem over the decades, but why not keep a provision in the juvenile justice law for exceptions or rarities to punish the criminals—major or minor. In the recent Mumbai Gangrape case too one of the five depraved animals pleaded for being a ‘minor’ and so far confusion prevails on his actual age. Well, in this Godforsaken country possibly a new avenue for corruption has just opened with equally depraved and greedy animals manufacturing forged ‘minor’ birth certificates for all prospective rapists.

India—where rape laws differ from rapist to rapist. If the rapist happens to be a VVIP or VIP or Politician or Spiritual Guru or anybody with lot of corrupt clout the law would get thwarted even after FIR being lodged and only the victim or survivor of their depravity would be declared ‘mentally unstable’ or ‘of loose character’ or ‘whatever the powerful ones decide’. What to expect from a country with a sinking economy matched marvelously by rotten politics. Here politics rules over economics, caste-religion-language based politics decide who is a terrorist or who is a patriot, vote-bank politics decide who are the citizens in suitably divided chunks so as to help politics win again and again, a country used to frequent national outrages and equally frequent forgetfulness and a country where millions never actually attain maturity. Okay, as responsible citizens we have to respect the Laws. But, what about respecting women or the values of our society? You decide... NOW. 


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