India: Forget Elections, Concentrate On National Security Now!

Almost every Indian political party hopes to rule one whole nation called India and in the process of doing so through elections leaves the ‘whole’ polarized, divided, seething and disillusioned. The much cherished theme of ‘unity amidst diversity’ has always proved to be a blessing in disguise for all unscrupulous parties or politicians who never stopped exploiting  this by dividing up the ‘diversity’ just to garner votes. Politics of polarization, politics of vote banks, politics based on caste-language-religion-you know what, politics of corruption and even politics of terror have compromised National Security again and again. But the power-obsessed politicians have been totally unmindful of the seriousness of the situation, particularly now with the General Elections-2014 just round the corner. Divisive politics and a perpetually stalemated Parliament have made the country directionless and weak. A weak country is always vulnerable for any kind of attacks or calamities.

Such was the mindless politicking that even a blatantly brazen Pakistan attack violating the Line of Control (L0C) in the Poonch sector of Jammu and Kashmir on August 6, 2013 leaving five Indian soldiers dead failed to move them. Some of them tried openly to dissociate Pakistan from this calling this only a terror attack while knowing fully well that in the present times in Pakistan one cannot draw a line between the Army and the Terrorists. With the new ‘democratic’ Prime Minister Nawaz Sharief launched recently in Pakistan the ruling coalition in India considered this a right opportunity for resuming talks with their neighbor and chase the elusive peace. Right, people of both countries really want peace and harmony established as soon as possible, but that does not give anyone the excuse for glossing over a brazen, unprovoked and utterly condemnable attack. The derisive politics over the attack refuses to die down even now.

This is only logical to presume that the anti-Indian forces of Pakistan in partnership with the terrorists nourished over the years have decided this is the right time to strike lethal blows to an election-obsessed and corruption-ridden India. Starting with the dastardly attack in January this year when Pak troops beheaded Indian soldiers there have been more than fifty LoC violations and the August 6 attack is not the culmination point either with Pak unprovoked firings continuing across the border yesterday and today. We must not call it coincidental that the dreaded terrorist of 26/11 Mumbai attack Hafiz Saeed who is allowed to roam free in Pakistan has accepted this opportunity too and has issued threats of terror attacks to India. Indian intelligence alert was issued two days before about a possible terror strike in the national capital around the Independence Day. The Pak flip-flops over the issue of sheltering the Mumbai underworld Don and the mastermind of the horrific Mumbai Serial Blasts in 1993, Dawood Ibrahim, in Karachi is one more factor to be concerned about.

O’ Politicians of India! Forget elections for the moment and concentrate on National Security that is coming under increasing danger. You must be hoping to win the elections to rule a strong and united India. You ensure that first.

O’ Politicians! First try winning the confidence of your country folks before aiming to get away with their votes. We will vote only for a Strong India.


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