Mumbai’s Shame! Three Arrested In Photo Journalist Gangrape!

When the national capital along with its northern allies lead the way in torturing, maiming, raping and murdering women of all possible age-groups how could the financial capital be far behind! A city boasting of being safe for women over the years has lost this tag forever as crimes against women, intimidation and murder of liberals and all kinds of mafia related shootouts increase ominously. On a more sinister note this could just be the reflection of what is going all around the country. Like the nosediving value of the Indian rupee all values of the society are plummeting to all-time lows. Greed, lust, corruption, violence, intolerance, chauvinism, perversion etc are becoming the new parameters of modern life. Why? Because, our political parties and leaders need to contest and win the General Elections-2014. Because, to achieve that goal they need to have a hopelessly divided and morally defunct society. Because, they have to impose a new ‘governance’ on us for the same ‘noble’ objectives. Our Warning:  If things are allowed to continue this way till the elections whichever political party finally manages to win will have a ruined country to rule over, plunder over and finish it all over again.

Media took the lead in building a national movement following the horrific Delhi Gangrape. Now in Mumbai the degenerated male animals decided to hit the media itself. A 22-year-old photo journalist was gangraped in the campus of an abandoned textile mill right in the heart of the city on Thursday evening. She was doing a photo shoot there for her magazine along with her male friend.  Five male animals surrounded them in the desolate area. While two of them tied up her friend the other three took turns to abuse, torture and humiliate her with no help coming from anywhere. In fact, Mumbai is littered with such abandoned textile mill campuses where only the main entrance is normally guarded and activities inside are only the occasional film and television serial shoots. Nobody in power seemed to have bothered about these veritable traps. The five animals even walked up the victims to the nearby local railway station and left them there threatening the girl that if she approached police the mobile video would be released in public. The girl was admitted in a city hospital and FIR was registered by midnight.

Outraged journalists, women activists and citizens poured into the streets on Friday organizing protest rallies and marches. Angry sentiments again pierced the whole wounded country. Fortunately, Mumbai Police swung into swift action identifying and releasing sketches of all five accused. Three accused have been arrested till today evening. However, the questions regarding justice remain as disturbing as ever despite the movement that forced the Government of India to initiate new rape laws granting capital punishment in rarest of rare cases of rape-murder.

While we all want strong laws to put fear into the minds or rapists some say awarding capital punishment would egg on prospective rapists to kill the victims in a way to eradicate all possible evidence. Some say there should be instant justice like castration or public parade, but in such cases too the rapist is likely to turn into a vengeful and dangerous killer afterwards. How fast the fast-track courts are going to be is also yet to be seen. Juvenile justice is one more vexing issue. The moot point is that police or laws cannot control greed or lust or perversion, and for that society must change from within. Male humans of the society must take and exercise absolute control of the male animals.

Reports say that the brutalized photo journalist is a braveheart fighting it out spiritedly in hospital and demanding strong punishment to all who ruined her life. We pray for her immediate recovery and expect her to lead the movement from the front.  Ensuring respect and safety for women.


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