Why Should Any Country Envy India?

India bursting at the seams with the ever increasing millions and millions of hapless citizens overcrowding every part of everyday life amenities. You cannot board a bus or travel by a train unless you are a person of robust and strong structure. You cannot find peace in a park or in the sea or river side because your private space is being constantly conquered by your fellow citizens. You cannot afford the comforts or the necessary luxuries unless you have loads of dough with the wealth ever multiplying only for the lucky few. Even food security measures for the poorest of the poor getting criticized for being out of reach for the needy. You hardly ever bother if scores of hapless citizens of overcrowded trains get mowed to death by passing trains or overcrowded buses fall into gorges or overcrowded boats capsize in rivers or natural calamities wash up overcrowded dwellings. 

The Indian rupee continuing to crash against the dollar leading to increasing petroleum product prices almost every fortnight fueling price rise and with bus or taxi or auto-rickshaw unions demanding more and more fares, the inflation thus still uncontrolled, the stock market getting redder, the economy sinking and the hapless citizens getting scared again and again.

And, the political uncertainty looms large with power-crazy politicians trying to get the votes by hook or by crook. The country is polarized and the country is divided on the basis of religion or language or caste or regions. Corruption rules the roost with nobody having enough might or courage to oppose it. The hapless citizens just go around doing the routine like mindless machines never knowing what-for or why or how. They provide unknowingly just the most essential fodder to the political animals to grow upon.

Yes, why should any country envy India?

Yes, except Pakistan of course. Our great neighbor. The anti-Indian forces there are never satisfied even with a sinking India, they want India to be destroyed in all possible way. They fail to understand that a ruined India would not augur well for them too. In the last 9 days Pakistan made 15 ceasefire violations including infiltration attempts in Kargil after 14 years. Like they denied everything they deny this too. Like they disowned Ajmal Kasab they now ridicule the confession of Abdul Karim Tunda—the most significant catch of a most wanted terrorist by Delhi Police. Tunda links up the ISI, all terrorist groups operating from Pakistan and even the underworld don Dawood Ibrahim being sheltered in Pakistan. And they still deny it all as usual, because they want to see India totally ruined.

India must fight back just like their soldiers are doing now against Pakistan infiltrators. Time is running out to stop the D-Day threatening to gulp down India.


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