Delhi Gangrape: Convicted But Debate Delays Punishment!

India is a country much used to outrages and debates. Maybe we have mentioned this earlier in these pages. When something horrific happens the nation gets outraged. By the time outrage eases debate takes over. And by the time debate takes over everything about it literally gets over. Back to square one the nation waits for the next most catastrophic to happen.

A fast track court in Delhi convicted all the four accused (the main accused was found hanging in his cell in Tihar Jail sometime back and the another got away with three years for being a ‘minor’) of the Delhi Gangrape case on September 10, 2013. They were found guilty in all thirteen charges made by police against them. Judgment was to be declared today, but got postponed till Friday as debate took over. This is despite all the major forces pitched in this case including the victim’s family, major political parties, the women leaders and the youth organizations demanding death for the rapists most emphatically and vehemently.

Unfortunately in India the worst possible criminal finds a ‘defense’ lawyer who always vouches for the ‘innocence’ of his/her clients. Even terrorist Ajmal Kasab who butchered innocents in full view of the world got a lawyer to ‘defend’ him. The courts listen to their arguments too and various irrelevant factors like ‘poverty’, ‘economic compulsions’, ‘impressionable age’, ‘no previous criminal records’, ‘the families of the criminals’ etc get brought into play. As if the criminals are driven to commit unheard of brutalities by these factors only and at heart they are the angels of angels. What to say or do, this is our legal system ‘justice delayed is justice denied’ is a part of it.

For God’s sake, why a sub-human criminal cannot be considered that and that only! Why their inhuman acts are no longer important as the cases progress? Why their families are dragged into the picture by covering them publicly and even airing what they have to utter? Why talk of reforming these brutes as if the honour and lives they have devoured are material enough only for getting outraged and starting debates? How do you know you can reform them? Won’t these perverts clutch at the straw to escape capital punishment? How can you risk the honour and lives of many more women again when you let loose these ‘reformed’ animals in the society? High time India stops to be a ‘democracy’ when you deal with enemies of mankind.

We demand Death for the Rapists. Don’t ever wait for the ‘rarest of rare cases’, give them death in every case. Don’t get outraged in your comfort zones. Don’t debate. Come out in the streets. Take Action. Now!  


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