Friday The 13th: Death For Delhi Rapists, PM For Modi And Life Ban For IPL Spot Fixers!

Friday the 13th September, 2013. If you remember the movie for the sheer horror of it you must remember this particular date for the sheer excitement of it. One-two-three…on three counts of major developments in India. This date is considered unlucky as per superstitious beliefs of Western culture, but this particular date proved auspicious and lucky on three major counts. An auspicious beginning for a rape-tormented country as all the four accused in Delhi Gangrape rape were sentenced to death by a fast-track court in Delhi. It definitely proved lucky for Narendra Modi as the faction-ridden BJP finally managed to take the bold decision of anointing him as its Prime Ministerial candidate for General Elections-2014. A triumph for all genuine cricket lovers as the disciplinary committee of the Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) imposed life bans on Sreesanth and Ankeet Chavan for Spot fixing in IPL. Proof enough to make you reconsider the scare long attached to ‘Friday the 13th’!

Crowds Waiting For Verdict
The whole nation waited with unabated breath as the fast-track court in Delhi reserved its verdict for the afternoon of Friday the 13th September, 2013. Finally dot at 2.30pm Indian time yesterday the court straightaway announced its verdict of death penalty for all four accused in the Delhi Gangrape case. The Bench observed that the shocking brutality involved in this case made it ‘rarest of rare’, and the criminals could not be spared the capital punishment. Whole of India welcomed the decision—the victim’s family expressing happiness at justice being given after nine months; the political parties considering it as the beginning of a new chapter for increasing conviction rate and preventive punishment in crimes against women; almost all intellectuals saying such stern measures are indeed required to instill fear into the minds of rapists and all women activists and youth leaders welcoming it as a positive step. Huge crowds gathered in front of the fast-track court demanded the same punishment to the brutal juvenile currently lodged in reformatory for a maximum of three years.

Modi Anointed By BJP President Rajnath Singh
If you thought the anointment of the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as Chairman of BJP’S Campaign Committee in June this year as the first step in eventually making him the Prime Ministerial candidate too you were almost proven wrong. Because, the BJP found itself back in square one as earlier. The pioneering BJP veteran Lal Krishna Advani who resigned from his posts prior to the earlier Modi anointment and had to be injected a series of right-wing ‘advice’ to comply opposed this time too and kept crucial senior leaders on his side.  BJP troubleshooters worked throughout the night of 12th September and commendably succeeded in convincing senior leaders on the side of Advani to participate in the party’s Parliamentary Board meeting the next day for the formal announcement. This time the supportive right-wing organizations did not stay limited to only advice, but volleyed directly for Narendra Modi. However, the veteran still could not be won over and Advani did not participate in the Board meeting and instead shot out a strong-worded letter to the BJP President.

The BJP President said he had followed the anti-incumbency factor and the growing countrywide popularity of Modi that justified his decision. Finally around 6pm on Friday the 13th September Narendra Modi was declared as BJP Prime Ministerial candidate for the forthcoming general elections. Old guards are getting sidelined for allowing in the new wave and this seems to be the right step. However it is na├»ve to think that the most powerful old guard Advani would behave nicely and cozily hereafter. Apparent divisions in BJP are speculated widely by both the media and the ruling parties particularly Congress.   With Rahul Gandhi almost projected as the UPA Prime Ministerial candidate General Elections-2013 is set to assume the form of a presidential poll like in USA. However, the states and the immense diversity of India makes any general elections altogether a different proposition blessed with glorious uncertainties. The alleged polarization factor of Modi form of politics is also another serious angle to look into.

Chavan and Sreesanth
Finally some good news for genuine cricket lovers. Two of the cricket fixers in IPL Spot Fixing Scandal, S Sreesanth and Ankeet Chavan, who were arrested and jailed in recent times, were banned for life by the disciplinary committee of the BCCI yesterday following an extensive report submitted by the anti-corruption committee of the Board.  Three others were handed lighter sentences while the fate of the king-pin spot-fixer Ajit Chandila was not yet decided. Meanwhile, Sreesanth said that he would appeal against the life ban in court.

Friday the 13th. A date to remember. For positive reasons, not the scares!