Humor In Corruption: The License To Drive Your Hurdles Away!

The corrupt are the most despicable creatures infesting our Mother Earth in large numbers, particularly India. This is just not right not to be seriously critical about it. However some amount of humor in corrupt practices is always there to tickle you in the abyss of absolute darkness. And, if you are corrupt you can still laugh in a guilt-ridden introspection and maybe you give it up in the effort to enjoy. If you are honest you can laugh all the clearer and louder. Since in the present constipated situation in India you need to laugh out a lot we have decided to start a new Series ‘Humor In Corruption’ from today. If you have your experiences on this please leave your plot or write out the full story as a ‘comment’ below. We will edit and publish it in your name.

Once upon a time one young man in a town somewhere in India submitted an application for a driving license in the local office. He had already bought a second-hand scooter and learnt how to drive it too through a friend trainer. As per normal procedure he was called for a driving test consisting of mostly objective questions. He wrote out his answers feeling relatively confident that he would sail through.

To his utter dismay he was informed that he failed miserably. He understood that some people there wanted money and if he reappeared the same result would follow. Therefore, he approached a family friend who was a high-ranking civil service officer. The officer spoke to concerned people in the transport office and asked the young man to go there the next day.

The young man nervously entered the room of the transport officer. His answer sheet was immediately called for. As the clerk brought it for inspection by the officer the young man could see the cross marks encompassing the sheet. The transport officer took his pen; cut out the cross marks and put in the ‘right’ marks against all the questions. The young man sat there spellbound.

“Okay…you have passed with distinction. Come tomorrow for the driving test and get your license.”

The young man was finally ready to drive away to ecstasy while some souls there in the office shed tears of agony of a missed opportunity.


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