Humor: Who Is The Common Man?

Three friends are discussing and debating about whom could ideally be described as the common man:

Friend 1: “Common man is someone who has to struggle very hard to get everything from onions to ownership flats.”
Friend 2: “Common man is someone who suffers the most from all the hikes—be it petrol price, LPG price, bus or taxi or train fares, cereal prices, water or electricity rents and so on.”
Friend 3: “Your definitions mean that common man includes the poor or the poorest of the poor too apart from the middle classes. That makes it more than ninety percent of our population. Yes, utterly common indeed.”
Friend 1: “You are dead right. It is so common that you tend to find thousands of them packed into every square kilometer.”
Friend 3: “You forget something there. Common man is also someone most loved by the politicians. They cannot even exist without the common man. Their manifestos, policies, declarations, rivalries and fights and all are centered on the common man.”
Friend 2: “But then, why the common has to struggle still? Politicians do everything for them only.”
Friend 3: “Because the common man gets divided between too many bidders and in the process moves back to square one before every election. The highest bidder again promises bigger benefits and the common man falls for it again.”
Friend 1: “And, the uncommon man that is less than ten percent of the population capitalizes every time,  rolls on the benefits provided to the common man and saves more and more money election after election.”
Friend 2: “What is the most common factor about the common man?”
Friend 3: “Forgetfulness.”
Friend 1: “What is the most uncommon attribute the common man must accumulate to get uncommon?”
Friend 3: “Commonsense.”
Friend 2: “Where do you find the largest stock of the species of the common man?”
Friend 3: “India.”