India Vs Pakistan: PMs To Talk, Terrorists Strike Double Blow!

As the Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh was en route to the USA to participate in the United Nations General Session scheduled to hold talks with the Pakistan counterpart Nawaz Sharif on the sidelines, terrorists belonging to Pakistan groups struck twice in the morning hours today. Three terrorists in Pakistan Army uniform entered Indian territory and first attacked a police station at Kathua in the Samba district of Jammu and Kashmir and then an Indian Army camp. Ten people including an Indian Army Lt. Col and four policemen were martyred. Gun battle raged on for most part of the day in the jungles and the Indian Army issued a release announcing the end of the operation and confirming that all three terrorists had been killed.

The Indian Prime Minister condemned the attack saying that such dastardly attacks were aimed sabotaging the peace process. He, however, maintained his determination to push forward the dialogue by meeting Nawaz Sharif on Sunday. The Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister also said that the terror attack was launched to derail the Indo-Pak dialogue. Meanwhile, it has been all slam and bang all over India with the opposition parties, mainly the BJP, slamming the Government for its weak kneed response to terror and for going ahead with PM level talks. Jingoistic voices have also been heard across the country including media newscasts and discussions.

Questions are many. While it can be argued that it is very necessary to carry on with the dialogue on a bilateral level for a lasting peace between the two neighbors the question remains as to peace at what cost. And, peace talks with which Pakistan—the Pakistan held hostage by the anti-Indian forces or the Pakistan with the normal people who want peach like the normal Indians? The Government of Pakistan represents which one? As per all facts and figures available always at India’s cost the terrorists and the Taliban dictate the government there to tread continually on the anti-India route. When would the democratic Pakistan show courage enough to get bold and take on the terror? When would the Pakistan Army get itself disengaged from the militants? When would the Pak process of eternal denial end ushering in peace rationalism? When would Pakistan break out of the stigma of a rogue nation? For India now—how to achieve peace with Pakistan and at what cost? At the moment it seems futile to chase a mirage called peace.


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