Crimes Against Women: Anti-Corrupt Braveheart Punished With Gangrape!

The shocking incident happened in the backdrop of newly recruited lady teachers being posted haphazardly in different places of Assam totally ignoring rules for ensuring women safety. Rules say that women should not be posted more than 5 kilometers away from their home.

One such lady appointee got posted in a primary school somewhere in Darrang district of Assam far away from her home. The lady teacher had to join for the sake of her family. Immediately she noticed that the school authorities were misusing the funds meant for providing free midday meals and for months the school children were deprived of their rightful meals so important for so many needy families. The lady teacher decided to raise her voice against such brazen corruption. She failed to imagine what that rogue principal of the school was capable of doing to her in retaliation.

She got gangraped in broad daylight while returning to her temporary place of accommodation. The sordid details came to light and widespread protests broke out in that area and all over Assam in the next few days. The gruesome crime was condemned, stringent punishment was demanded for the corrupt school officials and the issue of postings and women safety came to the fore.

Assam has a relatively tolerant society and a tranquil, almost lazy, way of life. In this perspective it is hard to believe that in recent years Assam has been topping the charts of crimes against women, with its figure almost double of the national average. This is a matter of grave concern coupled with the unceasing ethnic clashes arising mainly out of the Bangladesh illegal immigration issue and consequently the increasing pressure on limited land.

The continuing protests led by the All Assam Students Union (AASU) forced the state Government to reconsider posting of women teachers. As per latest developments many affected lady teachers have been transferred to their hometowns or nearby places including the gangrape survivor.

Peace and tranquility must be restored to this beautiful state along with purposeful economic development. Women must get their respect back in this land of Shakti--where Goddesses have been worshipped for ages. What better time to ensure this than now when Durga Puja is being celebrated all over. Goddess Durga is identified as the destroyer of evil and of rogues/ruffians (Asur)!