Kill Bill, Lalu Shrill, Election Drill, Voters Thrill!

As I cool my heels in my native city Guwahati make no frills about all the thrills of politicking in the meantime. Starting with the Bill or rather the Ordinance to protect convicted politicians the Prime Minister of India returned from the US and, as anticipated widely, decided to kill the Bill in his Cabinet meeting thanks to Rahul Gandhi's vitriolics. All got seemingly well between the head of the Government and the Vice President of the party that leads the Government.

As an immediate casualty of the killed bill Bihar veteran Lalu Prasad Yadav got convicted for stealing food from the animals and sentenced five years in jail. At the moment the politician is having sleepless nights thanks to the jail mosquitoes and insects that do not discriminate. Some other about to be convicted criminal politicians are fast losing hope in their own system.

And today Assembly Elections are declared for five states starting November 11 to December 4 with the date of counting fixed on 8th December--a date that could greatly impact General Elections-2014. More thrillingly for voters and non-voters, the Right to Reject is set to start with these polls. Election Commission officials point out that the electronic voting machines have an in-built system to take more options like 'None of the Above'. So, no frills, only thrills!