Politics: Indian History Up For Grabs!

If the unprecedented nastiness pervading the Indian political scenario even six months before the all important General Elections-2014 is any indication we could very well prepare ourselves for things to follow. Desperate to win and grab power to rule the country political parties are throwing away all decency and restraint and are indulging in a war of calling dirty and dirtiest names to counter each others' chances. From ‘shehzade’ (Prince—BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi launching an attack on the Congress’s so-called dynastic rule to ‘fascist’, ‘Hitler’, ‘psychopath’ or ‘megalomaniac’. Leader M calls leader NM as the most communal person of the country while utterly bitterly failing to contain communal clashes breaking out again and again in his state. The same leader M has his sights focused on becoming the next Prime Minister and for that ‘noble’ purpose he marshals all minor or break-away parties into a conventions against communalism while communal clashes resurface in his state the same day.

Not only this, even Indian history is no longer safe from political exploitation. Pioneering leaders of an independent India are being claimed as the idols of respective political parties. Charges and counter-charges are being traded furiously in this regard totally disregarding what the ‘subjects’ have to say about this. This trend may get more sinister as the Elections near. The BJP may trace its glorious origins to the ancient Indian age and may blame the Congress for all the troubles suffered in the medieval age.  The Congress may very well refer to the unified India or Bharata concept demonstrated in various stages of Indian history and claim as its heritage while blaming the BJP for trying to build up regional forces by allying with smaller kingdoms.

In various stages of Indian history it has been observed that some monarchs invited foreign invaders to settle scores with their internal rivals. This danger is not farfetched in the present scenario when you identify foreign invaders as the terrorists. We have said on many occasions that a politically divided and polarized India is in fact helping the terrorists to strike at will. What is more threatening is that terrorists are being looked not as terrorists but as people belonging to various religious or politically affiliated groups. Depending on the credentials a terrorist is not a terrorist for a particular leader or party. On October 27, 2013 serial bomb blasts rocked Patna, the capital city of Bihar when Narendra Modi was addressing a political rally in there. Now the ruling party in Bihar, JDU, broke away from coalition partner BJP recently, and therefore charges logically followed as the blasts being a security compromise to deliberately harass a political rival. Well, by the time General Elections-2014 actually gives a winner Indian history could be entirely manipulated or changed or distorted beyond recovery. Beware!