How to Make a Crime Scene Clean!

At some point in your life, you’ve probably seen a crime show or watched something gory on a film. Whether or not you regularly watch these shows on TV, you have probably noticed the huge mess that is left at a crime scene. This happens in real life, too, and somebody has to clean it up! Continue reading for more information on how businesses like Scene Clean manage to make order out of gruesome chaos.

When to Clean

Crime and trauma scene decontamination (or CTS Decon) occurs after the crime scene has been completely turned over by the local officials. They often leave a bigger mess than was there before. This is because they dust for prints, causing a black carbon mess. When the emergency services are performed, they also may make a mess in trying to save lives and stop bleeding. When pictures have been taken, and everything is said and done, the CTS Decon experts come in.

What to Clean

The professionals are equipped to clean up some pretty nasty things, including blood and other bodily fluids, and dangerous environments like meth labs. The reason this is usually not done by family members or other local people is that the mess is often much bigger than what you can see. For example, a small blood spot on the carpet can actually be a much bigger spot underneath it. The materials with bio-hazardous waste on them must also be properly disposed of, which requires permits. Additionally, this kind of work also requires the cleanup of liquefied body matter and maggots in the event that a body has been decomposing at a scene. Very few people would know what to do in this situation.

How to Clean

Not only are these scenes potentially stinky and unpleasant, they can also be very dangerous. For example, cleaning up a methamphetamine lab exposes you to toxic residue, which can cause a host of problems including lung damage, blindness, and more. So the experts from a business like Scene Clean have to wear the proper non-porous suit for protection. They’ll have to bring the basics like bleach and peroxide, along with more heavy-duty cleaning supplies like sprayers, brushes, and wet vacuums. With the huge messes and extensive measures that must be taken, this isn’t a job for the average Joe. (Sponsored Post)


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