India: Holy Campaigners Fall For Power And Clout!

The so-called holy campaigners or even ‘crusaders’ are falling into the time-tested Indian mix of power-and-clout trap. Always crying for high morale values and attacking and exposing the powers-that-be with stings and other operations one of such ‘crusading’ media agencies, web magazine Tehelka (means 'uproar') finds itself with the sinners it fights against thanks to the overpowering drive of power accumulated which creates enough clout for immunity. Always crying for a corruption free society and corruption free politics anti-corruption activists who did not think much of their philosopher-friend-guide leader to go on form a separate political party, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP—common man’s party) by Arvind Kejriwal, find themselves deep in the same rot created by power and clout and yet show an adamant bout of immunity.

Right, in India you just need to chase a noble cause—causes are not at all hard to find in a fast degenerating society—, make a nationwide campaign, win public confidence, assume enough power by pitching public opinion against the rulers thus adding blackmail and finally create the clout for you which makes you immune to whatever you do later. We have said several times on these pages that these ‘holy’ campaigners consider themselves gods and above law, and thus empowered they laugh away all kinds of possible charges or accusations against them as ‘conspiracies’ by the ruling power that is necessarily and always corrupt, inapt and rotten.

The founder editor of, Tarun Tejpal, tries to molest or rape a fellow journalist in Goa during an event. The victim files a complaint against the editor with the management and, in utter disregard of stringent laws for crimes against women for which the media fought so intensely the management tries to cover it up internally. The editor thanks to the power and clout he had built up during his ‘fiery’ career resigns for six months as self-inflicted ‘punishment’ and claims that the victim is satisfied with the measures taken. The management never lodged a police complaint as if there was no law in the country, right no law can exist for the powerful, and just about succeeded but for leaked emails. Luckily for the victim and India their own ‘recuse-exercises’ emails got leaked and Goa Police took up the case lodging an FIR for rape against Tarun Tejpal. As the investigations get going reports came from the victim that inhibition and harassment are being applied to pressurize her to reconcile to the management ‘justice’ formula.

Chief Lieutenant of Anna Hazare fight against corruption movement, Arvind Kejriwal, formed his own political party AAP against his mentor’s wishes and went ahead to contest state Assembly polls.  Suddenly, a media portal did a sting operation and the videos showed clearly how AAP leaders bargained for ‘quid pro quo’ promising action for money and ready to accept cash in return. And predictably, the AAP leadership laughed away the video as ‘doctored’ and ‘distorted’. Right, thanks to the power and clout they have accumulated riding on public unrest and faith they brazenly term this too as ‘politically motivated conspiracy’.

Well, the hapless citizens of the country can hardly get the actual truth in any case, but they can be cautious enough while casting their votes. The all-encompassing degeneration of the Indian society tragically seems to be complete with the media itself and the corruption-free political party succumbing to the obvious temptations. At the moment India need incorruptible saviors who have to be internally programmed never to fall for temptations of power and clout. But to fight Indian elections you always need huge amounts of money and influence. Irony overpowering irony!


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