BJP Beats Congress 4-0, South Africa Beat India 2-0!

It was expected though not entirely predictable--in both cases.

Over the last few years Congress came to be identified with corruption thanks to various scams of the ruling coalition. Anna Hazare started the movement against corruption and rocked the whole of India--particularly Delhi. The BJP constantly attacking Congress on corruption and moving around Anna not exactly supporting or opposing him somewhat escaped being clubbed with corruption or Congress. Then BJP launched Narendra Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate. Add to it the unabated inflation. For the four states that went to Assembly polls in November-December, 2013 these factors possibly led to a wave for change with record voting percentage in most states and BJP beat Congress 4-0, almost. It was a sweep in BJP ruled Madhya Pradesh and a grand comeback in Rajasthan. BJP ruled Chattisgarh was also retained after a tough Congress fight that happened largely due to the recent Naxal attack on its leaders. Arvind Kejriwal who broke away from Anna Hazare in the right time to become political created waves in Delhi poll capturing the second position and thus depriving BJP a clear majority. Congress that ruled Delhi for 15 years came a miserable third. Counting was taken up on Sunday, the 8th of November, with BJP leading 4-0 in a sort of run up to General Election-2014.

Touring South Africa with 6 successive Series wins to boot India lost the second one day international cricket match against South Africa too. Yet to find answers to South African pacers India again lost by a huge margin chasing a total of 280/6. South Africa beat India 2-0 in Durban on Sunday, the 8th of November to win the ODI Series.


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