Fight Against Corruption: Anna Hazare Back In Fast Action!

Anna Hazare congratulated his erstwhile chief lieutenant in the movement against corruption, Arvind Kejriwal for the latter's spectacular debut political performance in Delhi assembly election. He said that Kejriwal would have become Delhi Chief Minister if he had his continued support. Anna also reiterated his earlier observation that elections could be won without tons of money. But then, Anna would never become politically aligned or support any political party. We saw how pained he was when Kejriwal decided to form a political party and how he almost gave up his movement. However, it is obvious the crusader against corruption took some positives out of this development. Anna decides to resume his mission.

Anna Hazare announced his resolve to continue the fight for the much debated Anti-corruption Ombudsman or Jan Lokpal Bill. And today, the mass leader began one more of his famous fasts unto death at his native village Ralegan Siddhi in Maharashtra. Other reasons are also there for his decision. After BJP's 4-1 triumph in the state assembly elections-2013 the Congress led ruling coalition is reeling under tremendous pressure and the winter session of the Indian Parliament is underway.

Kejriwal's party remains true to its commitment of not forming government with or support any 'corrupt' political party. BJP, the single largest party in Delhi, says its first priority is to make Delhi administration corruption free. Now with added pressure from Anna Hazare and General Elections looming over the horizon Indian citizens could realistically hope for some action on corruption. It is really immaterial whether political parties fight corruption by choice or by being forced.


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