Politics Of Corruption: Lokpal Bill Vs Jokepal Bill!

If the Anti-corruption Ombudsman Bill or the Lokpal Bill is passed by Rajya Sabha on Monday and it finally becomes a law who will get or take or claim the credit? An interestingly competitive game seems to be picking up fast. On the positive side due to this game the Bill is almost sure to be passed.

Politics of the most unprecedented or even weird kind is unfolding in Delhi. Normally after almost winning an election members of the concerned political party start fighting between themselves for the prime posts and indulges in horse trading to get the magic majority. But this time in Delhi no party is willing to take the plunge. BJP, just 3 short of majority, refused to try form the government saying it would support Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) that stuck to its principle of not extending or taking support of any party. Congress offered unconditional support to AAP last evening. Today Kejriwal did go to meet the Lt Governor after being invited to discuss formation of government. And in one more unpredictable act he asked for ten days. He questioned why big political parties are willing to extend 'unconditional support' and what could be the real motives? Kejriwal showed letters written by AAP to Congress and BJP listing out 18 points asking if 'unconditional support' meant Congress and BJP would support AAP on all these. He also said that in these ten days AAP would hold hundreds of public meetings trying to find what the citizens want AAP to do. AAP called the present form of the Lokpal Bill as Jokepal Bill. Is Kejriwal trying to milk his moment of glory rather too hard or trying to be the worthiest propagator of the 'real' Lokpal Bill?

Anna Hazare, on the fifth day of his fast, calls the to-be-passed Lokpal Bill as the right one. In fact, there was an open spat between him and AAP in a public meeting at Ralegan Siddhi yesterday when Anna asked an AAP elected member to get out for interrupting someone's speech. Well, if anyone needs to be given the final credit it must naturally be the anti-corruption crusader. That he is increasingly feeling insecure is the inevitable result of this pulsating brand of politics of corruption.

Meantime Congress has announced its strong resolve to get the Bill passed come Monday. BJP, attacking Congress as it must do always, is also making preparation to extend the necessary support for passing the Bill.

We, the hapless beholders of the holiest democratic traditions, must not bother who gets the credit and how. We should only bother about history being made finally or if at all.


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