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Indian Politics: The Potency Factor!

At long last the right issue has been debated or argued or rioted in Indian politics all over the country at the most righteous time. Indian politics, fortunately, seems to have overflowingly matured making its perpetrators ‘capable’ of judging others. One very important and distinguished member of the Indian Government has called the main opposition leader impotent. Well, immediately after he took immense pains to clarify the ‘reference to the context’, that is to say he meant the ‘word’ in the ‘administrative’ terms and never in the worse possible sense that the ‘word’ is ‘capable’ of implicating. We would rather not take names here, because Indian politics has worsened than just name calling leaving nothing in mere names. The affected opposition party is up in arms calling it ‘unparliamentary’ and most uncouth kind of use of words. Well, we cannot enlighten you further on this, because at the moment we do not know what is ‘ parliamentary ’. They (the Indian politicians)

India: Supreme Court Reexamines The Vexed Issue Of Euthanasia!

Euthanasia is derived from Greek meaning 'Happy Death' referring to the practice of intentionally ending life to avoid pain and suffering. There are various definitions of euthanasia with various interpretations leading to a complex variety of laws in different countries of the world. The most relevant definition for the present purpose could be 'painless inducement of death'. Patients who are only clinically alive or patients who are terminally ill with no hope of recovery are normally kept on life support system. Now the euthanasia law proposes to give the right of deciding about being on life support system to the related patients or families. Here more complexities crop up in terms of whether the concerned decision is basically 'voluntary euthanasia' or 'involuntary euthanasia'-the former referring to 'assisted suicide' and the latter to 'murder'. Besides, 'passive euthanasia' refers basically to withdrawing life support b

Politics Of ABCD: The Congress-BJP War Of The Alphabet!

When the behavior of our elected representatives, irrespective of political parties, stoop to an unprecedented low; when political parties and leaders do not hesitate even to indulge in politicizing terrorists and criminals and when the run-up to the General Elections-2014 gets heated throwing up the ugly side effects at the hapless citizens there emerges something that can make our jaws part in some amount of mirth. At least something better than the BJP’s ‘cultivation of poison’ charge against Congress and the Congress’s ‘politics of blood’ against Narendra Modi, the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate for the General or Lok Sabha elections—2014 , is the provider of the unique ‘alphabet initiative’ resulting into a war immediately. In an election rally on Sunday, the 23 rd of February, Narendra Modi had made an ABCD jibe at his eternal foe Congress saying that the ABCD has become the identity of the Congress party's never-ending corruption parade. He was lucid enough to

Humor: The Cost of Credit!

“Hello! Mr. Pond?” “This is Pond. Thames Pond.” “Good Morning, Mr. Pond. This is Moneycanny. Can I have two minutes of your time please?” “Regarding what?” “Well, Sir, this is regarding a new revolutionary scheme meant only for privileged customers like you.” “I’m not really interested, but you can tell me in brief.” “Thank you for your patience Mr. Pond. You see, today’s times are very uncertain. Nobody knows what happens when. In case of unfortunate demise or fatal accidents our bank will protect you by waiving off all dues on your credit card plus an assured amount. All these for a nominal premium…” “Well, Ms…err… look! This is a very fine morning and I’m out to work with a very fresh mind. Please don’t spoil it with that talk of death and all!” “Sorry about that Mr. Pond. But this is a benefit with only minimal cost.” “What do you mean minimal? You just said I have to die to get the benefit! ” “Don’t take it that way, Sir. You have a responsibility to

Politics: Telangana Update And More!

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy today morning resigned from his post, his elected membership of the Congress (MLA or Member of Legislative Assembly) and general party membership expressing anguish at the division of Andhra Pradesh into Telangana and Seemandhra. Bandhs or closures have also been observed in various parts of the state and there are more protests scheduled for the days coming. Meanwhile the Telangana Bill could not be introduced in Rajya Sabha, the upper house of the Indian Parliament, due to repeated disruptions, high drama and ugly scenes throughout the day. The Secretary General of the House got heckled by MPs most outrageously in the process. The last effort was made around 4 pm when the house resumed and four other bills were passed amid increasing din, but then the house had to be adjourned till Thursday tomorrow. The Bill is likely to be presented tomorrow with tight security in place and intense efforts will be made to get it passed.

Politics Of Separation: The Pain, Pepper Powder, Knives And Telangana!

The Congress led UPA-2 approved the division of the Southern State of Andhra Pradesh into the long fought-after Telangana and the consequent Seemandhra after initiating the process over the last few months. As the draft Telangana Bill took shape in practically geographic terms the state Assembly of Congress-ruled Andhra Pradesh rejected the Bill. Supporters and opposition groups emerged within the same political party and the fight for-and-against shifted to the capital as the last session of the 15 th Indian Parliament began on 5 th of February, 2014. The Union Cabinet approved the final Telangana Draft Bill on 7 th February clearing the way for its presentation in Parliament. It had been Telangana all the way then leading to early adjournments of both the houses every day—only with grudging concessions given to present the interim Railway Budget and the Vote-on-Account General Budget 2014-15. On 12 th February the interim Railway Budget was presented in Lok Sabha, the low