Humor: The Cost of Credit!

“Hello! Mr. Pond?”
“This is Pond. Thames Pond.”
“Good Morning, Mr. Pond. This is Moneycanny. Can I have two minutes of your time please?”
“Regarding what?”
“Well, Sir, this is regarding a new revolutionary scheme meant only for privileged customers like you.”
“I’m not really interested, but you can tell me in brief.”
“Thank you for your patience Mr. Pond. You see, today’s times are very uncertain. Nobody knows what happens when. In case of unfortunate demise or fatal accidents our bank will protect you by waiving off all dues on your credit card plus an assured amount. All these for a nominal premium…”
“Well, Ms…err… look! This is a very fine morning and I’m out to work with a very fresh mind. Please don’t spoil it with that talk of death and all!”
“Sorry about that Mr. Pond. But this is a benefit with only minimal cost.”
“What do you mean minimal? You just said I have to die to get the benefit! ”
“Don’t take it that way, Sir. You have a responsibility to your family. To your dearest wife.”
“Look, my wife will be so grieved at my death that she will not be compensated at all by your money.”
“But your children will definitely…”
“Not at all Ms. …err…, again! They will be equally grieved by my absence and they will try their best to prove their worth so that my soul rests in peace.”
“Mr. Pond, this is a privilege offer meant only for customers like you. Our bank cares for you at every step of your life. And as I told you this is at almost no cost.”
“My death is a huge cost for me, you see? You want me to die and then benefit me! I don’t want to die. Sorry!”
“No Mr. Pond. We don’t want you to die. We want you to live forever. I’m very sorry about your feelings.”
“But…well…err… I see now how you fool…”
“Thank you Mr. Pond. It’s our great pleasure to enroll you into this unique scheme. Your next statement will reflect this change. Have a great day Sir.”
“Hey…Ms…err…wait a minute. I’ve not confirmed. Hello…on the contrary I’ve refused your offer. Hello…Damn it!” (Click-Crash) 

                                                                      (Published Earlier In Ezinearticles


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