Humor: Credit Control Room!

“Hello, this is Moneycanny. How can I help you, Sir?”
“This is Pond. Thames Pond. It’s regarding my card accounts.”
“Hello Mr. Pond. I’ll definitely answer your queries, before that please give a few details for our verification.”
“Okay, thank you Mr. Pond. Now please tell me.”
“Well, Ms… err… you see. I’ve multiple credit card accounts with you a few of which I’ve been trying to close for over a year now. Every time they say my requests are being forwarded, but ultimately I get charged for annual fees for cards I’ve forgotten about.”
“I’m sorry about that Mr. Pond. But Mr. Pond, the annual fees got waived every time.”
“But I want them closed, cancelled.”
“I’ll definitely forward your request Mr. Pond. But Sir, you are our esteemed customer and we get extremely sorry if people like you want to close your accounts.”
“The problem is I don’t need them. You can see that I’ve never used some of them for years.”
“Mr. Pond, our credit cards are very powerful and have a lot of benefits. And you may need them in any kind of emergencies. So why not to keep them, it’s free too.”
“But I don’t need them. And I’m not a beggar to ask you for waivers again and again.”
“Right, Mr. Pond. I’m making this… and that account… lifetime free. This I can do immediately online.”
“But I don’t…”
“Mr. Pond. You have an excellent track record with us and that’s why we can do this for you. You are a special privileged customer. In fact, I’ve a pre-approved Nut Credit offer for you.”
“No. I’m not interested. You are not closing my dead accounts and on the top of that you want to give me an additional credit card!”
“Nut Credit saves you a huge amount of money on everything—purchases, transactions, withdrawals everything. Some are without service charges and totally free, Mr. Pond.”
“No, I’m not interested.”
“Nut Credit relieves you of the big burden of paying the high normal rate of interest month after month. It’s on a daily basis and really hassles free.”
“I’m not …”
“Nut Credit also operates like any savings or current accounts, and so you enjoy all the associated benefits accordingly. This is an offer made just for customers like you, Mr. Pond.”
“But I’m…”
“Nut Credit charges you only a nominal annual fee and a still smaller renewal fee every year. Mr. Pond, when you start getting the huge benefits you’ll really feel it’s nothing.”
“Thank you, Mr. Pond. You’ll get your new card in ten working days. Is there anything I can help you, Sir?”
“Thanks for calling Mr. Pond. Have a great day.”

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