Indian Politics: The Potency Factor!

At long last the right issue has been debated or argued or rioted in Indian politics all over the country at the most righteous time. Indian politics, fortunately, seems to have overflowingly matured making its perpetrators ‘capable’ of judging others. One very important and distinguished member of the Indian Government has called the main opposition leader impotent. Well, immediately after he took immense pains to clarify the ‘reference to the context’, that is to say he meant the ‘word’ in the ‘administrative’ terms and never in the worse possible sense that the ‘word’ is ‘capable’ of implicating. We would rather not take names here, because Indian politics has worsened than just name calling leaving nothing in mere names. The affected opposition party is up in arms calling it ‘unparliamentary’ and most uncouth kind of use of words. Well, we cannot enlighten you further on this, because at the moment we do not know what is ‘parliamentary’.

They (the Indian politicians) seem to have matured so explicitly that they are prepared to go back in time to find and judge who was ‘incapable’, of course administratively or managerially. They are ready as ever to go back to 1984, to 2002, to 1992-93 and even back to the Partition of India. As the riot of words continues to break out in all possible public avenues they might be willing to go back to pre-historic India too. This fact-finding zeal is getting really inspiring.

The citizens of India now have the ‘potency’ factor to judge leaders and contestants in the forthcoming General Elections. Right, before voting you can examine if the candidates are potent or impotent—in administrative or managerial or in whatever terms of ‘context’ or ‘reference’ you may feel like taking into consideration.


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