Politics Of ABCD: The Congress-BJP War Of The Alphabet!

When the behavior of our elected representatives, irrespective of political parties, stoop to an unprecedented low; when political parties and leaders do not hesitate even to indulge in politicizing terrorists and criminals and when the run-up to the General Elections-2014 gets heated throwing up the ugly side effects at the hapless citizens there emerges something that can make our jaws part in some amount of mirth. At least something better than the BJP’s ‘cultivation of poison’ charge against Congress and the Congress’s ‘politics of blood’ against Narendra Modi, the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate for the General or Lok Sabha elections—2014 , is the provider of the unique ‘alphabet initiative’ resulting into a war immediately.

In an election rally on Sunday, the 23rd of February, Narendra Modi had made an ABCD jibe at his eternal foe Congress saying that the ABCD has become the identity of the Congress party's never-ending corruption parade. He was lucid enough to decode the alphabets used as ABCD. A for Adarsh Scam, B for Bofors Scam, C for Coal Scam and D for Damad Ka Karobar (Son-in-Law's  Business—clearly attacking the Gandhi family.)  Modi had always been maintaining very evocatively that Congress and Corruption as the two sides of the same coin.

The new ABCD initiative by Narendra Modi has started a new kind of political war—the war of the alphabets. The Congress party countered immediately with equal eloquence and elan. The party's spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi has thrown the ABCD formula back at Modi. He too has decoded the alphabets very lucidly saying that he could add more appropriate adjectives. A for Arrogance, B for Brash, C for Communal and D for Dictatorial. Singhvi had even gone further by saying that he could provide one more alphabet M which he put forward for Megalomaniac. Well, better learn the ABCD of Politics fast and thick, O' fellow citizens, or face the barrage to come at your expense! Enjoy this moment without any alignments and be prepared!


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