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Life: An Ode To Mumbai!

It always hurts to part ways or say goodbye to someone or something dear and near. Let it be coming away from home; be it getting a farewell from a workplace; be it going far off from the family or be it saying goodbye to a city where you have spent the prime of your career. This is universal human behavior and you are bound to accumulate a heavy feeling in the centre of your heart when you part ways with your nearest and dearest ones in familiar-for-years surroundings or neighborhood or the village or the town or the city. I have known Mumbai for more than twenty five years. I came to this wonderful city as an eager young man wanting to experience and inculcate everything the city stands for or is known to stand for and wanting to try out new and newer things in life and in work. When I was transferred from a quiet workplace in the North Eastern city of Guwahati to the far off Western coast of India, to the city of Mumbai I thanked my stars or rather the Government of Indi