Humor: Politics Of The K Kind!

“Don’t try that on me, ok? I’m not at all afraid of you!”
“How you convinced the Congress to support its bitter foes ever I don’t know. But never try such tricks on us now. No way! You’ve seen it from the very beginning.”
“How could you do this to me?”
“It is the result of what you have been doing all the time.”
“We had the same mentor, same ideals and fought for the same noble cause.”
“And you left the same mentor high and dry, used him for your relentless ambitions at all possible levels—local, regional, national and international.”
“You cannot deny my basic objective—cleaning the system from within. I was so committed and tried my best.”
“And so you ran away from running the government. Being the ruling leader you still sat and slept on the streets to carry on what goddamn objectives I could hardly understand.”
“You must understand why. ‘Central’ circumstances forced me to do so.  I had no options. I had to make sure that the Bill was passed. No Bill left me only with chills…and I fell sick also as you know. My commitment…” 

“You also must understand that in a democracy things take time to shape up and finally happen. You made full use of democratic traditions for our mentor’s movement and then sacrificed the same for your next national ambitions. You cheated the very people you wanted to give a clean and corruption-free system.”
“Don’t be so cruel, ki…… And don’t be so overconfident too. You had your share too and now you’ve done the same thing that I did so early and with so much vision and foresight.”
“Wow!...Look Kejri! Your whole philosophy has always been negative. Within your party you did only negative things, offended your loyal supporters and made them leave the ideals and the party. You talk about my step now! Do you know what stuff I have been made of? I have decades of experience in admin, management and social activism too. I know how to work and how to get work done…”
“Bragging is not so healthy, milady. Nothing can take away the fact that you’ve joined one of the same groups that we’ve been opposing tooth and nail together. You’ve done what you’ve done. Take that for sure.”
“You see…things have changed a lot since then. Now we have a leader who is both inspiring and even spiritual. He is the future; he is the visionary for our country. We need stable governments in every corner to help him succeed. He has convinced me to take my social activism to a different level, and now I will have the opportunity to serve people directly…”
“Okay…okay. But just don’t write me off as yet. You see there is a natural progression in the graph of success for any historic personality. What I’ve done so far is not that insignificant. I ruled over for 49 days…maybe next time I will achieve the milestone of 100 days…and maybe next time…”
“You’ll never change, my historic visionary! The anarchist in you will never allow you to see reason and logic. You’ve termed us as the ‘sinking ship’ while hardly understanding the obvious fact that you’ve already started you journey of going down and down…”
“Enough, milady, enough! See you on the battleground!”
“Oh sure! This time we are going to teach how to be reasonable.”
“Mention not! People know me what stuff I am made of and they will never tolerate any humiliation meted out to me.”
“Count first how many of you party-men and supporters are going to remain with you. Then talk…”
“Mention not!”


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