India Against Terror: A Strong Prime Minister Makes The Difference!

It was just another attack on the Indian security forces in the terror ridden North Eastern region of the country. Only that it was one of the worst attacks in decades. On 4th of June, 2015 terrorists ambushed an army convoy in Manipur and butchered 18 soldiers and injured 11 more. The heinous terror attack seemed, as usual, to figure only in the book of records with some observations made about the folly of a supposedly vulnerable army movement on that fateful day. However, things took a dramatic turn this time.

Within five days of the terror attack the Indian Army embarked upon a surgical strike on the India-Myanmar border, reportedly going into the Myanmar territory, and hunted down and killed the perpetrators of the Manipur ambush. Equipped with accurate intelligence feeds the Army successfully launched a clinically precise and ruthless assault on the terrorists in an operation lasting only 40 minutes not having time even to count the number of terrorists gunned down. So far we have been used to hearing stories of the US Commandos, Marshall or Military or Navy Seals carrying out such strikes inside enemy territories and eliminating dreaded terrorists and their hideouts. Refreshingly this time this happens in our own country India and what an effective message it sends out to the enemies of humanity.

Normally a country with adorable levels of tolerance and goodwill, always waiting for others to respond positively to all such tragedies, suddenly transforms its ‘soft response’ into ‘hot pursuit’ and for the first time conducts a joint operation with a neighbouring country on a Mission Counter-Terrorism. How did it come about? Well, precisely because post May-2014 India have had a strong government installed at the centre with a strong Prime Minister whose sterling qualities and innovative approach have already established him a visionary cum leader.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had just returned from a visit to Bangladesh—a strategic neighbouring country whose cooperation in crucial areas can always be game changing. Immediately thereafter into the late night hours he okayed the ‘hot pursuit’ and allowed the Indian Army to strike back. Zero Tolerance against terrorism was announced with a lot of meaningfulness and effectiveness now. The earlier government too pursued a policy of zero tolerance against so many evils, but that was mere policy with the so-called ‘coalition politics’ dominating and making the government bite the dust so often. To be precise, India did not have a strong Prime Minister or a strong government that time.

Since taking over the helms on 26th May, 2014 Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been leading from the front with innovative schemes-projects and a fresh interactive approach taking even the common people into confidence. ‘Policy Paralysis’ of the earlier government is long past and gone. His people-oriented economic-financial-social schemes have been welcomed all over and are benefiting millions. He has been cheered as hero whatever foreign country he has visited in the past one year—from America-Europe to China-Japan-Mongolia-Myanmar-Bangladesh. His fan following all over the globe is getting bigger and bigger threatening that of the mega film stars. What is important, Narendra Modi has been doing the right things in the right places—understanding perfectly what is required to be done in what areas as far as a particular foreign nation is concerned. The Indian Prime Minister is ushering in a unique kind of diplomacy be it with President Obama or Sheikh Hasina. If the fringe elements of his political party and associated organizations finally see reason and understand the Indian realities the Narendra Modi government would be the best option for India in the years to come.

The Indian Army operation has been hailed all over the nation with even rival political parties unable to politicize the development. The Indian Government has made it loud and clear that this operation is intended to convey a message to all aggressors or terrorists and the countries supposedly assisting and abetting them. The era of ‘tolerance and softness’ is over and from now onwards any act of aggression or any terror attack or sponsored terror attack on Indian territory or on Indian civilians would not be tolerated and would be retaliated with dire consequences inside or outside India. Although the Government did not specifically point out the crucial neighbour for this message is indeed Pakistan—a nation ravaged by terror and forced to comply with terror. Pakistan must understand better now and must make an effort to put an end to its state of eternal denial. The final target is lasting peace only.


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