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Humor: The Lifting Experience!

He could never imagine that the mere everyday affairs like giving a lift or being given a lift would involve such intricate psychological angles. The basic problem, he reasoned so often, was that of how the other party would interpret the offers made. If the interpretation was right it would work perfectly for mutual benefit. However, if it was misinterpreted which was normally feared it would rub on both the parties the wrong way. Such an ultra-sensitive and generous person that he was his experiences in this regard were not conclusive enough to show him whether he should laugh it off or should be more careful about it. Quite a few years back one of his office colleagues used to give him lift in his car after office hours. They normally agreed upon the nearest common point where he could alight and his colleague could also proceed homewards without any diversion. Although this worked perfectly for both of them he while taking a lift often had the urge to make a suggestion