Siachen Miracle: Alas! Lance Naik Hanumanthappa Could Not Be Saved...

A billion prayers could not save him. Better than the best medical efforts ensured by the Indian Prime Minister could not save him. The miracle that saved him finally could not save him for telling his story of ultimate human endurance, indomitable willpower and exemplary courage. Lance Naik Hanumanthappa Koppad who was buried under 25 feet of snow and ice for 6 days in Siachen Glacier and rescued alive passed away today in an army hospital in New Delhi where he was admitted on 9th February, 2016 after being flown in an air ambulance from the Siachen heights. His medical bulletins over the last two days narrated his continuous deterioration with multi-organ dysfunction, lack of oxygen in the brain, blood clotting in his body not responding to maximum possible dosage of medicines and coma. He was on maximal life support system and yet he could not be revived. Today morning he slipped into a deeper coma and passed away shortly after.

The whole of India is under a deep sense of loss, sorrow and shock. His family who joined him from Karnataka hoping against hope is crestfallen. God did not grant him one more miracle. Yet his Siachen miracle remains a miracle that will go on inspiring his colleagues in the Indian Army and all of us in our daily life of beliefs, efforts, achievements and the drive to go ahead. His name will be written in gold in our hearts forever.

This is not a tragedy. This is an inspiring story of an Indian braveheart who could make history to be rewritten. Hanumanthappa is not dead. He is more spirited and alive now in billion hearts. He will continue to live on in India and the world. Let us all join his family in praying for the eternal bliss of Hanumanthappa Koppad’s invincible soul. His family ought not to be grief-stricken but be proud of him. His legendary story of bravery will be remembered and worshipped at every step of life by his family, the country and the generations to come. You cannot check tears rolling down your cheeks, but let it be tears of pride of being an Indian. This is also a historic moment to salute the bravehearts of the Indian Army who would stop at nothing to protect us and our great country. Let this also be a warning to the enemies of humanity what Indians can do to defend their pride and harmony.


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