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The Donation Box Collector!

The film producer had an urgent chat with his wife just before breakfast. The maid noticed it and claimed the credit for the breaking part of that piece of news. However, to the disappointment of many she did not have a clue as to what transpired between them.  They had breakfast together and immediately thereafter the film producer zoomed out in his car. He went straight to his office and his event manager was waiting for him, summoned urgently for a meeting. Without beating around the bush the film producer aired his idea. “You see, in these times of natural disasters it is incumbent upon us, the supposedly rich people you know (grins affably), to come out and help the affected people. Of course, in our humble way…as is possible. What do you think?” “That’s a good idea. It scores points both on our humanitarian approach and some publicity for us too,” the event manager was taken aback at this sudden turn of events, but seeing his boss’s enthusiasm he managed to ar