Milord...O' Landlord!

The local landlord was known for his fastidiousness. Although some would like to term it eccentricity. Whatever it be he had been extremely choosy in finalizing his clients. He had several small flats for rent in his building, and he always preferred non-local hassle-free renters in his own unique way.

His terms and conditions were very clear, if not transparent. Guests staying overnight were a strict no-no; water with a predetermined litre limit given only once, mostly in the dead of the night; main gates would be locked at 10 pm every night and anyone coming late must inform in advance; CCTV cameras in the campus observing irregular activities and playing or singing of loud music not at all preferred. By profession he and his wife were teachers, and maybe he took his profession too seriously. He had three young children, two boys and one daughter.

One of his flats was going to be vacated soon and the word spread easily by mouth in the small city. Normally he engaged a broker who would fix up clients and on approval would charge a fee separately.

Hearing from a friend one young man approached the landlord directly. The landlord preferred to keep him outside the house while having the initial talk or interview.
"Hey, you need a house?"
"Yes sir, a friend told me one flat will be vacated in two days."
"Right! ...What do you do?"
"Sir, I'm a businessman. On the supply chain contracts."
"How long have you been here? Are you a local?
" No, I'm not a local and here only two years on business. "
"Good!", he paused seemingly assured and to the client's surprise. " How many in your family?" , he resumed his quiz.
"Only myself and wife Sir."
"No issues, no?", he asked eagerly.
" No...not so far. Hopefully we'll have in near future!"
The landlord suddenly stiffened. "Sorry, in that case I cannot allow you here!"
Taken aback he client was as astonished as he was disappointed. "But why, Sir?"
"Well, you see! You'll have a baby and he or she will grow up fast you know! And then he or she will quarrel invariably with my little ones! No, I cannot take that risk! Sorry!", he started retreating into his house.
The client stood there puzzled and staring. Of course, he was desperate for a flat, but how on earth could he make a promise so unearthly! The chill in the air caught him squarely now.


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