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Back To Back Star Tragedies: Rishi Kapoor Dies in Mumbai

April 29, 2020, morning : Irrfan Khan, an actor of incredible talent and in his prime dies in a Mumbai hospital. April 30, 2020, morning: Rishi Kapoor, veteran actor and a hugely popular romantic hero since the seventies, dies in a Mumbai hospital. Both of them contracted cancer about two years back: Irrfan had a rare form of endocrine cancer while Rishi had leukemia. Different styles, but both relatable : Rishi Kapoor was not the next-door boy like Irrfan, he belonged to the most famous Hindi film family—the Kapoors—while Irrfan had a humble beginning; of course, both rose to the pinnacle of success doing different kinds of roles and with different styles; however, both connected with the masses instantly. Both had still something to offer: At 53 Irrfan’s potential for more and more realistic and serious cinema was ruthlessly cut short while at 67 Rishi was steadily graduating to serious character roles with admirable ease and skill, and his tragic demise can still be

Irrfan Khan Dies in Mumbai: Huge Tragedy in the Time of Coronavirus

Irrfan Khan, a powerhouse of incredible acting talent, passed away in a Mumbai hospital today morning leaving a vacuum in the Hindi film industry, a loss irreparable. He was only 53, and had so much to offer to the film lovers yet.   There was disturbing news circulating in 2018 about Irrfan contracting a serious disease which, after months of distressed speculation, was confirmed as neuro-endocrine tumor, one of the rarest forms of cancer. Since then he was fighting, fighting and fighting. He got treatment in the US and then in London for months. He returned to India a few months back, and could not take part in the promotion of his last movie, Angrezi (English) Medium , and the movie too could not be released due to the nation-wide lockdown. More saddening, he lost his mother only a few days back and could not attend her last rites in Jaipur, again due to the lockdown. Irrfan’s demise is a huge tragedy to strike when the country is reeling under Coronavirus and lockdown.

Locks Down…!

Husband: Looks like the lockdown is not going to be lifted soon. Of course, some curbs are being eased in the green zones, but in red zones no relaxation in near future. We’re boxed in for a much longer time… Wife: Rightly so, the government’s doing very right. No risks need to be taken at this crucial time. The lockdown has yielded a lot of benefits…the spread is checked, contained. It should be extended as long as it’s required.  Husband: I fully agree with you. We’re staying at home, taking all precautions and keeping ourselves safe. However, there are problems too…an extension may really accentuate these problems. About the economy we’re helpless, but consider my problem, it’s, sort of, getting longer and longer!  Wife: Don’t complain. We’re much better off than many other unfortunate people, families, and countries. And hark; never expect human life to be the same after this. Don’t ever think of rushing back to your old ways…dining in restaurants, having partie

India’s COVID-19 Dilemma: Complacency And Ridicule Both Dangerous!

No doubt India has been able to effectively control the spread of COVID-19 in the country with several states becoming free of the virus and many districts not reporting new cases in weeks. The Government of India also expressed its optimism which seemed to be reasonable as we had seen earlier on these pages. However, this optimism should not be misinterpreted so as to indicate that we have won the battle against the killer virus. Opinions are emerging, based on this optimism and the great humanitarian debate of lives Vs livelihoods, that lockdown can be relaxed now to help the struggling economy. The basic point to understand here is that the world still does not know much about the novel Coronavirus, and so its future course of action is uncertain and undefined. Also, that there was no option to fight the virus spread than by enforcing strict lockdown. We have seen several countries like Russia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia etc. that have a similar experience like