Locks Down…!

Husband: Looks like the lockdown is not going to be lifted soon. Of course, some curbs are being eased in the green zones, but in red zones no relaxation in near future. We’re boxed in for a much longer time…

Wife: Rightly so, the government’s doing very right. No risks need to be taken at this crucial time. The lockdown has yielded a lot of benefits…the spread is checked, contained. It should be extended as long as it’s required. 

Husband: I fully agree with you. We’re staying at home, taking all precautions and keeping ourselves safe. However, there are problems too…an extension may really accentuate these problems. About the economy we’re helpless, but consider my problem, it’s, sort of, getting longer and longer! 

Wife: Don’t complain. We’re much better off than many other unfortunate people, families, and countries. And hark; never expect human life to be the same after this. Don’t ever think of rushing back to your old ways…dining in restaurants, having parties, shopping in malls, visiting the movie houses and eating, working in congested offices, riding in overcrowded trains, buses and airplanes…and all that. 

 Husband: Yes, I perfectly understand that too. But fact is my problem remains. You see, some elements in our bodies do not possess a rational mind, and just go on like business-as-usual! There has to be a solution for such issues…

Wife: You’re not the only one facing this problem, you know. Solutions will come in due course, as is the way of life on this planet…

Husband: But when? There is easing of restrictions as I said…but for my kind of problems no hope at all…even in the green zones! Especially because, social distancing will be impossible to maintain…with the concerned professional inevitably breathing all over you from all possible angles!

Wife: (Silent)

Husband: Hey…why don’t you try? For me it’s difficult to operate on myself, but you can do it…with some intelligence and observation…I’m really scared, you must understand. They are coming down and down…with ominous progression! Very soon, my ears will be fully engulfed! 

Wife:  No way! I just have no experience in this line. Besides, I need you go out occasionally to bring in the essentials. I mean, you need to look presentable for that…

Husband: Ha! Ha! Trust me I have full trust on your skills. Anyway, you said earlier that I’m not alone in this. Yes! That’s the point! There are so many others like me…waiting for an opportunity to get it over with. Means there is tremendous demand and it’s growing all the time. See what I imply?

Wife: Not really! You know what…you’re getting a bit overawed with you problem. It’s not at all a life threatening problem and can wait. Of course, I sympathize with you! It’s very clumsy and uncomfortable considering the constantly rising temperatures…

Husband: Thank you, dear, for supporting me at least once. Okay, let me tell you about the point I wanted to make. With such kind of heavy and ever rising demand the fertile brains—the smart marketers—must take cue from this. They must start rapid online hair-cutting training courses! The moment they start I’ll get you enrolled, and be your first victim...sorry...first practical! I assure you; I’ll have full faith on you and bear with all the margins of error…!

Wife: (Smiles)


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