The Masked Civilization!

Masks have been eternally relevant to human civilizations—to the modern civilization in particular. We are basically talking about the metaphorical masks that humans, mostly in powerful positions, wear to hide their real intentions or purpose or goals or excesses. The real impulses to the metaphorical masks are greed, lust and money-power: the concerned human beings never wanting to reveal these values in public, and believing essentially in the subtle deception of the other beings of the hapless variety concerned. These masks are worn in every kind of activity: in personal ways of life, in work and business, in diplomacy, in civil or military affairs and also in carnal pleasure management. The most powerful ones, through public deception, indulge in mindless barbaric wars; not only that, they even extend it to the ‘cold’ types, just to give vent to their masked aspirations. The lesser beings also exhibit their prowess in masked desire management, of course, to a limited extent: like the benevolent film industry giant whose hypocrisy gets revealed by the shrieks of his female victims or the business tycoon whose gentlemanly fraud finally puts lives of many in peril. Even the inequalities or the contrasts of the society are conducted from behind dexterous masking. Now we also can see from this that ‘hypocrisy’ is crucial to the masked behaviour. In fact, hypocrisy has been rather a crowning glory of the Homo sapiens.

Although I’m not generalizing this ‘human’ trait I'm neither excluding anyone from this purview, and owing to this, this present writer could also turn out to be the biggest hypocrite or masked being of the world ever. Perhaps, on second thoughts, we can exclude some sections of the human society, like the downtrodden, the exploited and the poor. In any case, whenever we come to understand the real purpose of anything we often cry out, ‘Now, their masks are off!’ In some other cases the hypocrites put on the ‘real’ masks to pretend that pollution is not their creation, but somebody else’s. Of course, we cannot apply it to the protesting children in masks blaming the older generations for their sins. At the present juncture, the metaphorical masks and the real masks have come into a direct confounding confrontation.

As it were Mother Nature is crying out, ‘Hey, you sinful humans! Mend your ways, your excesses, and your arrogance! Come out of your deception, and put on the real masks to behold what you've done to your only place in the universe!’

As it were Coronavirus has had to invent a novel variety of itself, called COVID-19, to teach the humans a lesson that would never get forgotten, perhaps as per the wish of Mother Nature. In its fearful sway and spread all over the globe the powerful rulers, used as they were to their usual masks, commanded the hapless subjects to follow the guidelines and to wear the masks compulsorily, as if, in some other places, to say that ‘you biological needs and hunger are now only secondary to the masks’. However, the killer virus refuses to discriminate or adhere to favouritism in its selection of victims, and this exemplary sociological trait has put fear in the powerful too, in equal measure as to the poorest of the poor. The most powerful man of the world, thus, would say one day that ‘next few days thousands of our people are going to die’ and that ‘we’re winning the war against COVID-19’ the next day.  Some other powerful rulers would like to take resort to ‘spiritual measures or prayers’ for the strict enforcement to make the subjects see reason, their own fears displayed prominently.

That the rulers and the ruled are equally affected by the killer virus we can really look for some permanent changes in the way civilizations are managed. We may be forced to socialize from a distance, enjoy parties with masks, and enjoy proximity apart. Some human species display unique ways of greeting, like embracing or kissing totally oblivious of locations or occasions. Perhaps, the kissing may have to be banned except at home: because these acts are not just pecks, these involve intermingling of mutual saliva which is extremely dangerous in the present context. Not only that, such salivating acts are extended to the movies too: now, what is the necessity of two perfectly professional actors exchanging their saliva. Some unfortunate imitators import such practices to their movies too despite the traditional norms in force.

Arrogance in humans is historic. They will win the war against COVID-19 someday definitely thanks to their supreme progress, and so in their usual ‘masked’ ways they may still refuse to change. It’d be very disappointing and unfortunate, if they do so; if they still refuse to learn a lesson from a virus that has come basically to convert Planet Earth into a better place to live on.


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