Mumbai Monsoon: And Finally The Rains…!

Finally, the South West Monsoon has decided to respect the forecasts issued by the Met department, and in line with the orange alert forecast for Mumbai and adjacent areas during 3-5 July 2020 moderate to heavy rains lashed Mumbai, its suburbs, Thane city and interior areas of Thane district. The aimless clouds hanging over the areas for nearly a month, in Palghar the rains came after a full month, finally became benevolent and converted into a rain-bearing dark mass. The sight of the dark clouds was really inspiring and the impact was immediate with the maximum temperature coming down to 28-29 from 33-34 degree Celsius and the minimum coming down to 25-26 from 27-28 in Mumbai while in Thane city those are 30-31 and 27-28 respectively. The humid heat that tormented the people for weeks evaporated and all heaved a sigh of relief—stay-home becoming more pleasant in view of more curbs being imposed in Mumbai and a total lockdown in Thane for 10 days. The rains started on the 3rd of July in a scattered way and gained momentum on 4th and 5th July.

Heavy to very heavy rains lashed Mumbai and suburbs in the last two days creating water logging in vulnerable spots, but just short of creating havoc, fortunately, for the COVID-hit metro. In Thane rains were mostly moderate and intermittent with one or two spots becoming water-logged while in the interiors the rains were heavier. Around 200 mm of rainfall was recorded each in Mumbai and Thane on 4th July. In other districts of Maharashtra too the monsoon made its presence felt once again bringing relief to the agitated farmers.

It looks at the moment that the monsoon has finally found it rhythm here, and looking up at the sky or enjoying the usual monsoon coolness one can be more or less sure that the rains would continue regularly for the rest of the season, and not create rain-water havoc with concentrated outbursts. As per the earlier forecast this year the monsoon is to be normal, and as we mentioned in an earlier piece it has already covered the whole of the country much in advance also recording an excess of June-rainfall in many parts. For Mumbai and Maharashtra we also hope that the spikes in Corona infections will be under control soon—several unprecedented things already happening: famous Dahi Handi (Janmastami) celebrations getting canceled and the historical Lord Ganesha (Ganapati)  Festival being restricted with the craze-of-the-city Lalbaug  Chya Raja organizers announcing its cancellation. The priority is to defeat the killer virus. Anyway, for the moment, get set and enjoy the rains…!    


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