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A Thought: The Changing Face of Humankind!

At most times during the last few months it gets unbearable for the humans. From where the heck this unique virus has sprung up and why? First part of the question is answered easily enough: it is a novel strain of the existing Coronavirus and it has proved to be highly contagious, concentrating or rather specializing on human-human transmission. As to the ‘why’ it is very complicated, and correct answers could never ever be found. Before thinking about that part let’s get into another ‘why’. Why has it chosen the most crucial parts of the human anatomy—the Face, with its constituent profiles of the mouth and the nostrils, and the pair of hands that obeys all the basic commands of the humans? It is said that excess or too much of anything is bad for well-being and health. Therefore, as to the ‘why’ explanation it can be said that, basically, the virus aims at teaching humankind a terrible lesson for all their misdeeds, particularly in the past, perhaps, two centuries. That it

Unlock 4.0 And The COVID-19 Deadlock!

The government of India announced Unlock 4.0 yesterday with the guidelines for more and some major relaxations as Unlock 3.0 ends on 31 st August 2020. Lockdown, except for the containment zones, is formally lifted in all areas of the country. However, cinema halls, swimming pools, entertainment parks, indoor theatres and similar high-risk public places will continue to remain closed. Only open-air theatres shall be allowed to open from September 21. In a significant move, the government has withdrawn the power of the states to impose local lockdown except for in containment zones without prior consultations with the centre, and under this, the states can no longer restrict inter-state movement or seal borders. This move thus is set to end the era of haphazard lockdowns of various duration indulged in by the states of late. In another major relaxation, the metro rail services will be allowed to operate from the 7 th of September 2020 in a graded and calibrated manner. The metro

অমৰ গায়ক তৰিকুদ্দিন আহমেদৰ সোঁৱৰণত--- Remembering Evergreen Singer Tarikuddin Ahmed On His 30th Death Anniversary !

‘ইমান ধুনীয়া মুকুতাৰ মালা’ৰ গায়কজন ' ... তৰিক দাদা ... বা তৰিকউদ্দিন আহমদ .... ( মৃত্যু - ২৯ . ৮ . ১৯৯০ )   সৰুকালৰ পৰা আমাৰ ঘৰত দেখি অহা কোমল মাত কথাৰ , .. গান গোৱা মানুহ জন .... মোৰ পিতৃৰ দৰে বা তাতকৈও বেছি মৰম কৰা এজন মৰমীয়াল লোক ।   মোক ' মা ', মাজনী ' , আইজনী কৈছিল । ইমান ভাল পাইছিলোঁ তেখেতক -- নাজানিছিলোঁ কত থাকে কি কৰে আদি .. আহিলেই ভাল পাইছিলোঁ । নিজৰ ছোৱালীৰ দৰে মোক মৰম কৰিছিল । পিতৃয়ে কেতিয়াবা খং কৰি কথা কৈছিল .. কিন্তু তেখেতে কেতিয়াও মোক টানকৈ কোৱা মনত নপৰে ।   গান বহুত দেৰিকৈ বুজিছিলো .. কিন্তু মোৰ মনত পৰা দিনৰ পৰা তেখেতক আমাৰ পৰিয়ালৰ এজন লোক বুলিয়েই মই বুজি লৈছিলো । পিতৃয়ে তেখেতক ' তৰিক দা ' কয় , মা , পেহী হতে ও কয় কাৰণে ময়ো সেইটোৱেই শিকিলো ।আইতাই নাম ধৰি মাতিছিল ।   ককা কমলানন্দ ভট্টাচাৰ্য্য ৰ দিনৰ পৰা তেখেত আমাৰ ঘৰুৱা লোক আছিল । অকল গানৰ সম্পৰ্ক