Daily Recoveries Overtake Daily Spikes in COVID-19 Cases in India!

In the midst of India registering over 90,000 new COVID-19 cases daily for about a fortnight there is a heartening feature in the trajectory. For the last three consecutive days, daily cases of recovery have been more that the new cases of infection. For the last twenty-four hours this trend has been more pronounced with 93,356 patients recovering as against 86,961 cases of new transmission. Significantly, the daily spike for the same period has been the lowest in about a week, at less than ninety thousand. The trend is also pronounced, fortunately, in the worst-hit state of Maharashtra where there are 26,408 cases of recovery against 20,627 new cases for the last twenty-four hours. Some of the other worst affected states including Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Assam have also displayed this positive trend. For the preceding two days, although the new infections were in the nineties the recovery numbers were more than that. The national recovery rate has crossed 80% now, the total cases of infections nearing 5.5 million while the total cases of recoveries nearing 4.4 million.


However, the numbers of daily fatalities are still higher than 1100 with Maharashtra accounting for nearly half of those for nearly a month now. For the last twenty-four hours the national deaths were 1130 while Maharashtra registered 455 deaths. The total number of COVID-19 deaths in India is at a staggering 87,882, at the moment. With the virus reaching small towns and rural areas of the country the fatalities are bound to rise, because the healthcare system in interior areas has never been adequate, and the facilities and resources are never enough. Why Maharashtra has continued to show high fatalities consistently? Because, the virus has spread to every nook and corner of the state, in the early stages Mumbai city was reeling under the heaviest of spikes and in the later stages Thane, Pune and other districts had had to bear the brunt. Total infections in the state have crossed 1.2 million.


If this positive recovery-infections trend continues for the coming days the fight against the novel Coronavirus in the country would definitely get a much-needed boost: the number of patients requiring hospital admission and critical care would decrease proportionately; the pressure on the hospitals and clinics would accordingly ease up to some extent; and this would prepare the country well to tackle the second surge or the  anticipated winter-wave, if at all, or till the time an effective vaccine finally arrives. This does not mean that citizens of the country would also ease up with the new normal behavior as, unfortunately, it has already been observed in many parts of the country that people are not following the norms, not even wearing masks. With the festival season already on, carelessness on part of the citizens could very well push the nation to square one. It must be kept in mind that the novel Coronavirus is very clever and very contagious, its strains could be very mild as well as very severe and it could impact people of all ages irrespective of the comorbidity factor. Nearly four hundred good doctors, both young and older, have died so far in India and the numbers of infections and deaths among the younger population are also grim. People must never let their guard down.  


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